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Lamborghini goes Viral !
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That's what you get for thinking you need to own a car that can probably do over 200 MPH! Who needs something like that anyway? It's cool. I know. But it's completely useless for anything but taking you to the grocery and such. So ridiculous! Grow up people. You could by a corvette and have enough money left over to feed a starving village in Ethiopia or somewhere for probably a year or more. This makes me sick.
meanwhile, the asshat driving the car with the person filming this made how many illegal u-turns?!?
u can actually make u turns on double yellows as long as its in a residential area.
the car doesnt make the driver.... well done Lambo-boy o better to say, Lambo-NOOB!
That's what you get for showing off and driving like a moron.
Stu Art
everyone has there own equivilance FU in there own world.been there done that overwith. 67 1/5 mustang Ca GtA well u get the A
That was texting and driving
Ummm, yeah Mr. Police officer, I thought it was a parking spot!
I would have stopped and offered to let the Lambo driver buy the video off of me (delete it I mean). If he didn't bite, I'd give it to the other drivers.
I guess they didn't give any extra IQ with the car at the dealership. :-)
Far out that is a very lucky position the cameraman was in you know rite place rite time 
I'm sure he'll be leaving the traction control on in future, saying that, I'd rather be an idiot with a Lambo than without...
Dennis, you don't need traction control if you know how to drive...need to install brain
swag is not always cool ! LOL
Awesome. BLOODY TWIT! Feel sorry for the other 2 cars.
Are U-turns like that legal in Chicago?
At the end of the day the guys insured and the cars will get fixed. He's still got a lambo and yous haven't, who's the idiot now lol
I'm pretty sure the lambo thought it was a cell and thought it was infected with a virus (driver) and decided to activate apoptosis (cell suicide; defense mechanism for the rest of the body [work]).
well hi drove a lamborghini peoples,! so hi think hi can ,
Wander what would the Lamborghini owner says when he sees the video
Lol, what a moron. I dont know whether the driver was stuck inside between the 2 other cars or was just too ashamed to get out ...
I did it lots of time in .... NFS HOT PURSUIT2.........
With mclaren and ferrari too
If you can play, then you can lose too.
This guy really had it coming.
must be one of those hot shot bankers ... pay back is a bitch
the paint scratch on that lambo will cost a lot :-) Hopefully he didn't kill anyone. Next time he might not be so lucky.
hah! cant handle the torque eh....
There is no amount of bondo that is going to make that drivers head any bigger.
OMG was the in Wheeling, IL? I think I recognize the intersection
my grandma drives better than this guy.... and she's blind! =))
Del boy sum it up with WHAT A PLONKER
Because it's a damn European car, that's why. I know I'm never selling the Dodge !
That's why you turn right to go left - didn't they see the movie Cars?
There is one part that failed in this one... The driver.
@Al Bundy LOL, not because it is European but because some stupid 16 year old american kid drives it :D
Shiiiiiit boss that was silly should of baged it up at the light an then slowly went through the corner lol
If you don't know how to drive it...don't buy it...moron
"Wanna see something funny, let me turn off the traction control... DAAAAMN!"
yoh ths idot jus crushd a lambo stupid fucks lol
What a waste..such a beautiful car driven by show off dude and ended up in between 2 cars...
what a pathetic waste of horsepower.
Before you spend that much money on a car may be you should learn how to handle it!!
That's what you get for trying to be a show off!! Noob!
I wonder.... are all these comments from peeps that would love to have the money that would buy this car and they would buy it and they would spin it!
I would have stopped and given the drivers of the cars he hit my number so they could get that video for their insurance claims.... I believe in doing my part to screw the idiots of this world.
Sucks for them 10,000 dollars in repair for that
There's a whole lot of class envy going on in this thread. Must be a bunch of Obama supporters..Quit hating people!!
OK. This is totally hilarious...HAHA
That idiot ran into the P O L I C E????!!! By far, one of the top videos of the year. Thank you for sharing.... G+ R U L E S!!!!
That's an expensive way to find out how much talent you have :)
He punched it during the turn and lost it, lucky for him it wasn't head on.
You know what they should include on our driving license? The highest millage-speed car your are allowed to drive in resident areas!
probably a chinaman driver. wink! ;))
Classic! It's like crashing in slow motion!
ridiculously funny. Was he really going so fast that he lost control? Or was this guy under some influence?
And that's why you buy a yellow sports car. Nobody can miss that crash!
that guy is so stupid.......
Its illegal to leave the scene of an accident that you witnessed. Hope this video won't get him in trouble. Also so many illegal u turns. You can't cross double yellow lines in any state I've been in.. so ya. They are both just as dumb.
god that dude messed up a good looking car lol the dude that was standing there saying what the hell happened was funny
There are cars that parallel park automatically. Why no cars that make left turns automatically?
Atleast he parked perfectly dz a + lol
+Chris Bantay that may be true where this was filmed, but it doesn't change the fact that what he did wasn't safe...
All the Gear but clearly No Idea!
No bad comments, karma is a bitch.....saying that, if you can't drive it, don't buy it :-)
extremely funny truly made my day but i bet it ruined his! haha
Lots of wealth coupled with the lack of general education in physics.
Thats going to leave a scratch. Hope he has insurance!
i hate it when supercars crash
+Jason Middleton i agree... it's not safe to speed on a turn esp. within residential area. the driver who did the u-turn though, he was looking around to check if it's safe before he maneuvered.