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Medicare-Provider Payment Information
In the past it has been illegal for physicians to collude by comparing their fees in an effort to set fees. CMS however has unique powers to reveal physician fees and has done so to the general public this week.  Will this be a net positive or negative? Ho...
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+Gary Levin Insurers have always had this information. They used it in creating their networks under the ACA. Now consumers will get it, too. You seem to think that's bad because all the doctors will collude to have the same, high price. That's enforceable under the anti-trust laws, and the conspiracy statutes. 
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George Brown, late and former Congressman from the Inland Empire continues to be a prominent benefactor to the Inland Empire. His name will be affixed to the Federal Courthouse in Riverside,CA., in a ceremony on Sunday, May 18 to pay tribute to for his devotion to equal rights and civil justice. Place: George Brown Courthouse, 3470 12th Street, Courtyard Riverside, CA 92501 at 3 to 5 pm. RSVP to  Hans Johnson at 323-669-9999 or email  Mr. Brown chaired the Science Committee of the U.S. at a time when the cold war and birth of the space race and NASA.  Sponsors are being sought to support the George Brown Collection at the University of California, Riverside, CA

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It thougHt it would be a good time to re-write the mission statement for our community. We 
have a small group and I would like to expand it’s user base.  So I am depending on all of you 
to spread the word by networking our site on your Facebook page, twitter us and  place links 
to all . 
The group is not meant to be an advertising board, but rather a social group. I appreciate 
those of you who have placed announcements here that are commercial in nature. The group 
is meant to build social relationships, or guide  people to other sites in which they participate. 
If you belong to a bike club (motorized or otherwise), music group, artists, students feel free 
to mention it.  If you are a student at RCC, CaBaptist, UCR, and / or a student in a public 
school, please join. There will be upper level students who can guide or mentor younger 
students for career choices, and education. This is the place to mention civic activities, or 
meetings.  It might be a place for you to link to your own blog and also share some creative 
thoughts, poetry, novelletes that you can link to. Keep it fairly short, limit your posts to 280 
characters ( I call it twitter 2.0) or otherwise link to  your google drive article (share). This is a 
good way to share writings. 
For those who are listing business’s such as realty or restaurants, thanks for joining us. You 
can continue participating, but please realign your posts and avoid mentioning your business. 
So again thank you...keep posting and more important share, share, share with all. Let’s use 
the #rivca on twitter and other social media sites. Please place #rivca in your tweets so these 
posts can be found by more people. 
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Gary Levin

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Health Care Finance Administrators for the past several years have reported that health care spending had leveled off.  During the fourth quarter of last year health care spending rose 5.6% reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis last week. The jump tri...
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Yes. Now that millions have insurance for the first time, they're using it. Sheesh! The cost curve remains reversed. What's changed, in the near term, is that spending is up. But by focusing on prevention, and on maintenance for chronic conditions, it will soon be down again. Add best practices and the savings really add up. 
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Gary Levin

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Personally I do not like the term “ObamaCare being used in place of the Affordable Care Act. President Obama’s  name creates an immediate political and sociologic issue for many Americans.  Some may notice I often title my posts “ObamaCare”  Why ? My ration...
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Gary Levin

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Cuckoo can get to know if this does not bother you?.
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Gary Levin

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By now most providers know that CMS has released numbers to the general public that were once privileged.  This is a major change in the policy of the past 4 decades. For me this is equivalent to posting an annual IRS tax return for individual providers. Is...
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One of the key criticisms of  Republicans by Democrats and others is a lack of a concrete plan as an alternative to ObamaCare.  The Republicans say they were shut out of meaningful negotiations and discussions about the Affordable Care Act.  This is  hard t...
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Gary Levin

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The Affordable Care Act and development of Accountable Care Organizations increases the critical need for improving communications between physicians, clinic administrators, and hospital CEOs. A tension has always been present between clinicians and bureauc...
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My experience here was from two years ago. It was a nice place,, good service. Spicyness of food varied depending on who was at the WOK.
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Stellar service, academic atmosphere. Avg IQ probably 125
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