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Scary stuff.
I've had 2-factor authentication on my google account since it came out. There are some other good steps to consider in the post, too.
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Wow. Apple really screwed him on that one. I can't believe they reset his account without really verifying his information.
I think Apple is more concerned with providing "Good service" not security, which is a shame.
I NOW use 2 factor, but the extra steps are kinda a pain. Ive used a authenticator for WoW & SWTOR for awhile, but not google. The real question is when is Apple, Amazon and others going to offer something like this? Soon I hope. Scary stuff here. Sometimes tho it takes something like this to happen to open the eyes of everyone else.

Check out Sundays TWIT and within the first 10 minuets they interview this writer about his story. This is a link bellow to the show last night.
I agree, Amazon and Apple need to offer two-factor very soon. My bank as well. They use SiteKey, which isn't as secure as the bank would like you to believe. (see Security Now! ep90 )

I don't mind the extra steps with Google's system. It actually gives me some great control over access to my account with the application specific passwords.

TWiT is in my playlist, I should get to it later this week.
Also, as a result of listening to Security Now!, I use LastPass to manage my passwords. I'm still in the process of auditing all of my passwords and changing "easy" passwords to harder ones, and eliminating duplicate passwords on different sites. This would hopefully lessen the chance of the chain effect that happened to Mat Honan.
Apple security, from the people who believed they didn't need to worry about viruses. I tried 2step, but flashing new roms every week made it a pain in the ass. I just went to a 36 character password. Or I could just delete my Twitter account.
All u know is, all the people (including myself) who objectively questioned if daisy-chaining all your accounts, including cloud computing would have security holes was correct. Sure, it's a HUGE convince to have gmail, twitter And other features built into a OS, but the risks are there and unfortunately this guy found that out the hard way. I've always herd of lastpass, but never used it. Looks like tonight I will give that a try. 
+LastPass will also let you use your Google Authenticator as a second factor.
Sounds good.... 12 bucks is rite up my ally!  Ill do it tonight as i wont even pull a credit card out near my work computer.  Safety First! lol
To funny, I was just on their page and noticed that they support WebOS & Symbain.  People still use that? lol
Ha! I wonder what percentage of the market those two OS's are nowadays.
+Brad Tufts you like to play on the edge with the ROMs, eh?
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