Here's a question about AJAX I got through email from a webmaster/SEO. Some parts were redacted to keep the anonymity of the site and the person.


It was very nice meeting you at SMX and having discussions around hreflang-x, motorcycles, and cars :) . During your Meet the Search Engines discussion, you briefly mentioned that Google will be retiring AJAX Crawling Guidelines. Based on the latest post found on Google Webmaster Blog (, it seems to me that Google's answer to AJAX crawling is to unblock javascript files delivering the AJAX content.

If all javascript files are unblocked on a particular page will Googlebot see the AJAX content?

_The particular page and content  in question is the found in lightboxes on

I really appreciate any insight you can provide.

And my answer:

Hi [name]!

The answer is more complicated, but in short, if the user doesn't have to click anything to see the lightboxes, then we should be able to see them. We don't "click" during rendering so any click event will be ignored, but we do execute JavaScript that is triggered by for example onLoad events.

Hope this helps.
Unblocking resources with Webmaster Tools
Unblocking resources with Webmaster Tools
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