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Did anyone use recently the "Give us feedback" link below the Google search results?

Clicking that link will lead you to a troubleshooter which allows you to report all kinds of stuff; to list a few:

I couldn't find the page or information I wanted.
The results included spam.
The results included a page that was irrelevant.
I clicked on a result and was taken to a dead link or error page.

We get tons of reports through that form so we can't get back to the reporter, but we do analyze the feedback we get. The reports we get from you can positively influence the search results of millions.
That sounds good, right? :)
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I do remember attempting to use the feedback link before and wondering why they hadn't switched to the new one which let you take a screenshot of the page and annotate exactly where the issue was.
Hi +Shawn Drape: It's a lucky fact that this links do not use the screenshot feature and a pity that your can't add screenshots you made yourself. Reason: When the Google feedback screenshot starts, the page is being reloaded by Google, and in most cases, the issue you want to point to disappears. The only good workaround is to make a screenshot before posting feedback, uploading it somewhere and adding a link to it in the feedback text :-( .
+Shawn Drape The new feedback tool (the one which allows you to take screen shots) is still in an experimental phase, appearing to a certain percentage of the users.
Awesome! I feel like going back and reporting every search I've ever done on a telephone number for including spam. Usually it's 25-50 spam pages for every non-spam telephone number containing page.
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