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What's wrong with this picture? #srsly
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I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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Gary Illyes

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Let's send an underwater rover (with a decent drill I guess) to Europa! Who's in? 
Europa: Water World | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
In our solar system, Jupiter's moon Europa has an ocean twice the size of all Earth's oceans combined. Is Europa inhabited?

Diameter: 12,742 km
Average Ocean Depth: ~4 km
Volume: ~1.4 billion km3
Liquid Saltwater Surface Ocean
Earth's surface is 29% land, 71% liquid water
Polar Ice Cap
Regional Liquid Salt Water Ocean
Rocky Sea Floor

Diameter: 3,120 km
Average Ocean Depth: ~100 km
Volume: ~3 billion km3
Liquid Saltwater Sub-Surface Ocean
Europa's surface is covered in a global water ice crust/ Estimates range from 3 km - 30 km thick
Ice Crust
Global Liquid Saltwater Ocean
Rocky Sea Floor

So Why Does This Matter?
Because Earth's Oceans are teeming with life!
The Earth's Oceans are Home to:
50-80% of all life on Earth
At least 224,000 named species
Plants, bacteria, fungi, reptiles, mammals, reefs, algae, fish, mollusks, and many more
Extremophiles, surviving from the freezing temperatures below arctic sea ice to the boiling temperatures near deep sea hydrothermal vents
On Earth, wherever we find water, we find life.

And Europa has twice the water of Earth, so...
Is There Life?

Credit: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

+NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
+NASA Solar System Exploration 

#NASA #Space #Europa #Ocean #Water #Liquid #Life #Habitable #Jupiter #Moon #Science #Spacecraft #Robotics #Exploration #SolarSystem #JPL #JohnHopkins #University #Infographic
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Gary Illyes

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Why is putting art and culture online important for Google? 

Here's Amit Sood on the Google Cultural Institute. 

#Google   #GoogleArt   #GoogleCulturalInstitute   #CNN   #NewsStream  
Google's Amit Sood tells Kristie Lu Stout how they're bringing the museum experience to the web.
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Hai gary
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Gary Illyes

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Would you mind getting in touch with me if your site went offline recently?

Pet tax:
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You can ping me on chat, guys!
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Gary Illyes

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In the next few weeks Search Console is going to change how and to whom we send messages. After the change, we will send messages only to the direct owners of a particular site; owners of parent properties will no longer be sent messages for their child properties.

For example: Currently, if the site triggers a message, all of the following sites will be sent the message: (the site triggering the message)

With the upcoming change, only the owners of will receive the message triggered by their own site. 

Although this change will affect most messages, critical messages (such as a hacked site alert) might still be sent to all parent site owners. 

We hope this change will lighten your email load, and make your life a little easier. If you have feedback, please let us know here on G+ or in our forums!
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Gary Illyes

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Wanna know the simplest robots.txt rule to allow crawling your JavaScript and CSS files? 
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Gary Illyes

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Since this blew up on me yesterday, in case you were wondering...
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Yep, the distinction between weighing content less in tabs and not seeing it at all based on it loading after dynamically was interesting. 
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Gary Illyes

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I literally can't stop listening to this and I only understand like 2 words from the whole song... 
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The song is about people who leave their countries looking for a better life, but instead they find only misery and darkness.
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Gary Illyes

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Sometimes I sooo want to know the story behind a query! 
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Gary Illyes

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Here's something you want to check out! Comment on the original
Hello Search analytics users!

Would you like to receive messages and/or alerts related to your Search analytics report in Search Console
+1 the answer below (yes or no)

If yes, please add the kind of alerts or messages you'd like to see, in the comments.

ex: message me when I have a NN% drop in impressions
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Gary Illyes

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The top 10 verified sites (1) in Search Console are now all HTTPS!

1 - by search impressions
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The portal and the soon to be launched magazine is much more than igaming related. We want to add a SEO session as well that will enable our readers to learn about new Google updates. I think you are the most appropiate person to ask about these updates and we know our readers will enjoy it.
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Gary Illyes

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Please help us understand how you use the Search Console messages!
How do you use Search Console messages? We want to hear from you:
Crawl errors alerts, new owner confirmations, malware warnings... We send a bunch of messages to site and app owners, and we'd like to understand how to improve the type of information we share with you. 
Let us know how you interact with our messages and how you'd like us to improve them:
How do you use Search Console messages?Crawl error messages, new owner confirmations, malware alerts... We send a bunch of messages to site and app owners, and we'd like to understand how to improve the type of information we share with you. Let us know how you interact with our messages and how you'd like us to improve them:
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