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An update to the mobile-friendly algorithm

Starting today, pages with an app install interstitial that hide a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page won’t be considered mobile-friendly .

Instead of full page interstitials, we recommend that webmasters use more user-friendly formats such as app install banners. We hope that this change will make it easier for searchers to see the content of the pages they are looking for.

Happy searching!
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This, this and more this!

I hate interstitials, they're so obnoxious 
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Gary Illyes

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If/when you have M, try it. It's awesome!
Google Now on Tap finally available for Nexus users, on M!

Try it, play with it and let us know what you think :)

PS: only available in EN right now
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Gary Illyes

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Congrats, +Jyrki Alakuijala​!
Google has released the source code for a new compression algorithm called Brotli. (Yes, IRL).
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Gary, Thank You for your help with Brotli :-)
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Gary Illyes

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Google Is 2 Billion Lines of Code—And It’s All in One Place

Number of source files: 9 million
Lines of Code: 2 billion
Depth of history: 35 million commits
Size of content: 86 terabytes
Commits per workday: 45 thousand
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Thank You :) I just added this to my Watch List
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Gary Illyes

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I... I can't believe this is the first Japanese pun I see
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Ima go on record and say that Japanese puns are somewhat disturbing.
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Gary Illyes

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Can you ping me if you are using Angular JS on your site, without escaped_fragment?
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11 comments uses escaped_fragment but we have seen a catastrophic drop in Google inbounds since approximately 9/16/15. Google simply started deranking us on thousands of keywords - we have no idea why?
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Gary Illyes

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Did anyone say something about data?
If you've been hungry for even more information about your website's performance in search, if you're happy to whip up some code, and yearning to play with another API, we hope you'll savor the new Search Analytics API for Search Console. There are lots of neat things that could be done with it & we're keen to see how you end up using it. Take a look, grab an editor, fill up a beverage of your choice, and give it a shot!
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Cool!!! Thank you, +Gary Illyes​ and +John Mueller​ :) 
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Gary Illyes

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tl;dr: We are no longer recommending the AJAX crawling proposal we made back in 2009. 
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Any idea if this will affect special issues like mine:!msg/webmasters/QVa_Ih6Zo9Y/1ZoyoyNckx4J
Im not getting my hopes up, but who knows :)
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Gary Illyes

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I didn't know I need this until I found it. Boat. Boat. Boot.
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I prefer public chats. What's up. 
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Gary Illyes

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By the way:
An update on Google's Search Console

Dear Search Console friends,
4 months after the launch of the Search Analytics report, the time has come to remove the old Search Queries report from the Search Console.
Please note that starting Wednesday, September 16th , all URLs pointing to the Search Queries report will be redirecting to the Search Analytics report.
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Well, time to start collecting the new data for YoY comparison moving forward then.
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Gary Illyes

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Now at UN: innovating for gender equality
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Gary Illyes

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Some pretty decent advice on Quicksprout about how to hire an SEO. 
Pretty scary, right? Hiring SEO help can make or break your company. A good SEO will get you on the path to making tens or hundreds of thousands of do
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