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Mariya answers your AppIndexing questions! 
LIVE: Google's Mariya Moeva Answers Your Questions About Mobile App Indexing!

I recently got +Mariya Moeva, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, to answer a number of questions about how Google is indexing mobile apps and their content and presenting them as results in Google search.

Find out how this works and how you can get your apps indexed.

BONUS! In the post you'll find a link to a form for you to submit your mobile app indexing questions directly to Mariya!

Read and Share NOW at
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Yep, she is the awesomestest! 
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Gary Illyes

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Matt's live on Twit if you're interested
Live | TWiT.TV
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Gary Illyes

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Let's talk about Star Trek!
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I can give this a Like!
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Gary Illyes

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Curious about transoceanic optical cables? Check out this article about a new cable named FASTER, capable of a 60 terabit per second transfer rate, that just popped up on the eastern shore of Japan after a long journey from the US west coast.

The article is in Japanese but it has tons of pictures and the machine translation is not that bad. OK, sometimes it feels it could be better. Alright alright, it's pretty bad, but check it out anyway: it's super cool
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Eric Wu
+Gary Illyes so you think, but my children demand 10k Disney Princess movies stream immediately without any latency. ^_^
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Gary Illyes

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Dibs on softbank ultra link
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Wow I just read about those new capsules. Those look amazing. 
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Gary Illyes

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404 or 410, that is the question

John Mueller, Hamlet, act 3 (I think)
I have a large site and removed lots of irrelevant pages for good. Should I return 404 or 410? What's better for my "crawl budget"? (more from the depths of my inbox)

The 410 ("Gone") HTTP result code is a clearer sign that these pages are gone for good, and generally Google will drop those pages from the index a tiny bit faster. However, 404 vs 410 doesn't affect the recrawl rate: we'll still occasionally check to see if these pages are still gone, espectially when we spot a new link to them.  

In practice, I doubt you'll see a noticable difference at all between 404 and 410, so while it's great to use 410 in situations where you're sure, with regards to Google search, it's not worth spending too much time on that decision or on its implementation. 
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...and 302 is not for you.
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Gary Illyes

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This one's far all those Skyrim fans out there. It cracked me up 

(found it on reddit)
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Gary Illyes

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How to Shave for Superhero Dummies
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Life is pain
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Gary Illyes

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Yo, +Antony Jackson​! Look what I found! (on twitter)
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Lol the licence plate is FAT! It is an over weight Ferrari 
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Gary Illyes

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Hello all you beautiful people. I'm reaching out for help. 

A month ago my dear friend Vickie​ (who is one of the happiest and warmest people I have ever met) and her wife Melanie welcome their little girl into this world. She was early. Too early. Tavi was born at just 25 weeks gestation - she is known as a "micro-preemie". Her gestation fell into this gray area between non-viable and an age where all hospitals would give her a fighting chance. It  has been so scary for her moms and heart wrenching for all of us following her story. 

Tavi has been a fighter from day 1 - she's worked through milestones, opened her beautiful eyes and has even gained weight. Things were looking up. But two days ago my friends received the news that though Tavi looks perfect and seemed to be gaining strength, she's been having seizures 75-100 times a day that aren't responding to medication and are damaging her little brain. They are seeking second opinions and having the hardest conversations any of us, I can imagine, will ever have. 

Their friend started a GoFundMe to raise a small amount of money so that we can do whatever we can to allow them to just focus on Tavi and each other for a while. If you have any spare change, please consider sending it their way. Or if you can't give, please share the word. XOXO <3

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." ~Shakespeare
Tavi Louise Case-Martin was born on May 20, 2015.  Weighing 1 lb 9 oz, she was born 15 weeks early and displayed a fighter's soul from the beginning.  Many of us have followed mamas Vickie and Melanie over the past month or so as they shared their joys and sorrows as little Tavi had her ups - gai...
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Thanks for passing it on, Gary. Much appreciated. <3
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Gary Illyes

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Dear all, 

Please be mindful with noindex directives and remember that most search engines will honour it, even if it's in the BODY element.

Check your includes, make sure you're not injecting in the DOM a noindex directive! I found the easiest way to do this is with the Chrome Dev tools: open it up on the page you want to check, hit Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F for those who like fruity flavours), and then type noindex. Nothing found? Great!
If you find something like this:
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Probably not so great. Maybe fix?

Gary out.
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Not quite. It was always there, but since we're rendering pretty much all URLs now, it's more visible. 
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