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I might have a little more grey in my hair, but .. you can see what's keeping me young at heart!

Two new podcasts being launched and in need of Co-Hosts.

1. Podcast about websites that will be dedicated to promoting information about website development, website design, css tips, html tips, plugin reviews and suggestions, techniques for the promotion of websites, how to implement and use images / photos effectively, discussions and reviews of websites "to be noticed", and much more.  This will be a weekly podcast show and I'm looking for people that have experience in various areas that would like to participate and be included as experts and co-hosts of the show.

2.  This Podcast will be dedicated to helping people figure out "what they should be" and do with their lives.  Interviews (from time to time) will be included as a way to show listeners what it's like to walk in the shoes of people that are working either at a job that they love or working as a business owner or entrepreneur, doing what they love. But the goal is to educate the listening public on "how" the interviewee got to where they are today (and the road they traveled, tips on how someone else could do something similar, what it took to get to where they are, and much more).  Also to provide an educational resource that will help "train" our listening public (from kids in middle school on up) on how they can become an Entrepreneur and/or Business Owner, instead just thinking about what type of J.O.B. I can eventually get into.

If you're interested in discussing this further, please contact me back to arrange either a Google Hangout or Skype conversation.


Looking for Podcasters willing to help with a new Non-Profit Project. Podcasters would be involved in helping to find and interview individuals for Contact me if you'd like more info.

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I love how this child chose the non-use of actual letters yet accomplished the reference to Google through a perfect visual display of each character's representation. Good job!!
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