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New Bloggage: Is This Apple's New Map? (It Doesn't Look Like Google's) -
We live in a world dominated by and surrounded by brands. One of the hallmarks of a successful brand is whether it's able to be immediately recognised as that brand, without necessarily looking to...
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+Ed Parsons That thought had crossed my mind but I didn't see the standard CC-BY-SA attribution on the map, which made me wonder if it wasn't OSM. Unless its hidden away in an About screen, but isn't that forbidden by OSM?
No, there's no attribution, and I suspect the attention lots of OSMers are currently drawing to Apple's use of the (2010) data might change that. OSM generally requires attribution "with same prominence as would be expected if you were using any other map supplier", so yes, they're being naughty.
Gary, the Richard Fairhurst you +'d isn't the OSM one!
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