What's your strategy for building a following for a Google+ Brand page from the ground up?

First off, the tl;dr is in the title, so feel free to skip the novel below, and jump in with your answer to the above.

Novel Ahoy:

All of us here are, of course, advocates of the importance of Google+ for businesses. I've been preaching that for quite a while, and I've been happy enough with the presence I've built for Zbra (which isn't anywhere as large as many of the power users or web brands on here - it's still incredibly tiny, in fact - but there's a steady enough stream of quality engagement that it has more than proven its return on time investment, in my eyes).

That said, I'm finding that building a brand new presence, for a brand new brand (how many more times can I say that word?) on Google+, presents a bit of a challenge. Having a page and doing the technical footwork is important, and that's all in place, but consistently posting content to the page when there's no follower base probably doesn't do much good.

This isn't Facebook, so I can't target the brand's demographic and throw money at it for followers (not directly through Google+, at least, and the ad budget is currently focused elsewhere anyway).

This leaves a few options, as I see it:

1) Identify several Google+ communities within the brand's demographic, and get active there, hope the followers come naturally
2) Cross-pollinate between other social networks, where we've established more of a following
3) ???
4) Profit

The issue with the communities approach, I'm finding, is that the amount of high quality communities on Google+, with actual engagement, like the +Social Media Hangout family, are few and far between. While that might present a tempting opportunity to then create a community in that vacuum, with the brand's name emblazoned as owner, I'd argue that building a successful community from the ground up is just as difficult as the initial goal (if not harder). Likewise, HOAs are great, but they're not going to work for this brand.

As for the cross-pollination, I'm not sure how successful that will be, as the following on the other platforms isn't as high quality as I'd like (like I said, we're starting from the ground up, and so is the brand).


What's your strategy for building a following for a Google+ Brand page from the ground up?

Any professional and/or creative insights that have worked for you, in approaching this, would be greatly appreciated!
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