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I'm not a social person... why am I on a social network?
I'm not a social person... why am I on a social network?

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Can AutoVoice be used with Android Auto?  I'm using Tasker + Autovoice to control my home automation stuff.  I already can do things like "Okay Google, turn on the kitchen light."  

I'd be nice if I could do that via #AndroidAuto as well...  (Press the voice button and use a command like "open my garage door"?)

Just got a Pioneer 8100NEX for my car, and will be playing around with Android Auto.  Any chance the Rocket Player will support Android Auto anytime soon?

Google's own "play music" has the massive shortcoming (IMO) that playlists are limited to only 1000 tracks. :(

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This reminds me of the many "snake oil" scripts you'd see in android (usually by script-kiddies on xda-developers)... The ones promising to make apps run faster, make your battery last longer, and cause world peace.

To the women out there:

Please don't ask your husbands, boyfriends, or otherwise male-like associates to get you makeup or makeup like stuff for xmas - unless you give them an EXACT part or model number.

Why?  Imagine a stereotypical blonde female trying to buy a muffler in an auto parts store as a gift.  The desire would be for a $20 muffler, but that blonde will likely end up being sold a $800 gold plated muffler with God only knows what kind of mark-ups built in.  As well, it probably won't fit the car.

Well, it's not much different with a guy in a make-up store.  After spending too much money, I decided to ask a couple of the women at my work why the total was much more than I expected.  It turns out that what I asked for in the store, and what I ended up buying, were very different things.  (How in the world am I supposed to know the difference between eye "liner" and eye "shadow"?  Both are signs of age, right?)

Now I have to go BACK to the that traffic and parking nightmare known as The Mall, and return almost everything I was sold.


+AT&T is beyond clueless.  If it weren't for the fact that they basically have a monopoly where I live, I'd be LONG gone for any other carrier.  Perhaps I should go invest in two cans and a piece of string.

I've been on the phone with them for almost an hour now, and I've yet to speak with anyone who speaks English fluently, has a clue what I'm talking about, and/or has the ability to pull up my account and read the simple notes that are there.

The most amusing part is that after each person I speak with, I get a canned text message telling me that they have free app that I can manage my account with.  During one of my stints on hold, I downloaded it.  I tried to use it to cancel service, but it tells me that I have to call their 800 number.  duh.

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AOSP appears to have broken  bluetooth MAP.  In particular, the TEL element of vCards that are part of bMessage's send from the phone to a MAP compatible client.  I've worked out a fix in an #xposedframework  module (linked.)  

I'd submit a bug and patch to AOSP, but I'm really sick of seeing my reports and gerrit submissions completely ignored for dozens of versions of android, and then having them rejected because they'll no longer merge.

I'm hoping the +OmniROM folks (+Andrew Dodd, you reading this?) pick up the needed fix from the source linked.  On the other hand, I couldn't care less less if the commercial (for profit) AOSP based projects pick it up or not.

The details:

According to the vcard 2.1 spec:

"This property specifies the canonical number string for a telephone number for telephony communication with the vCard object. The value of this property is specified in a canonical form in order to specify an unambiguous representation of the globally unique telephony endpoint.  This property is based on the X.520 Telephone Number attribute."

In other words,any US phone number would start with "+1" followed by 10 digits.  

However, AOSP is just blindly copying the phone numbers from a user's contact list, without checking the format (or fixing the format.)  The real irony is that in that same function, the properly formatted phone number is being passed as a parameter (and used to find the proper contact.)

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My 10 year old daughter... Before and after #minecraft.

Taken and edited on a HTC One M8, combined with G+ manual awesome. 

#htconem8, #autoawesome
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So long, +Samsung Mobile USA.  I've finally become annoyed enough with your policies of locking down boot loaders and making life miserable for developers, that I've moved on.  My wife is using an LG G2, and I'm now using a HTC One M8.  My last Samsung phone went into the recycle bin last night.

While +LG USA Mobile seems to be locking down boot loaders, at least they don't (yet) prevent users from reverting to an exploitable loader.  However, I'll admit they aren't as developer friendly as HTC...

+HTC actually invites users to unlock their phones with a trivially easy web page, and has good fastboot support.  Sure, the One M8 might have some shortcomings, but it's a good solid device and NOT locked down.

(Of course, for a really open device, Nexus devices can't be beat!)

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Dear HTC - I'm enjoying the new One (M8), but there's this one little thing that is really starting to annoy me...

I don't like your weather widget.  I don't like the home screen widget, and I don't like the lock screen widget.  As well, #accuweather  is usually NOT very accurate for my area.

For most of my phones, this isn't a problem, as the device is running Android.  I can normally just remove the things I don't like and put on things I do like. However, for some reason that I simply can't understand, you decided to lock me into your silly lock screen widget.  That's right - you've decided to disallow users the ability to delete your widget, and have locked it into being the primary lock screen widget.

Sure, I could root the device and use a hack to get rid of that lock screen widget, but even then it still pops up when I get a phone call.  WHY?!  This is MY device and I paid quite a bit of money to get the "developer edition" so I wouldn't be locked down.

PLEASE, fix the #HTCOneM8  firmware so I can choose the lock screen widgets that I want...
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