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There's a new Photo Contest being put on by the National Park Service you should be aware / beware of....

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Picture: Rain storm clouds at sunrise over the still waters of Emerald Bay State Park, a National Natural Landmark in the South Lake Tahoe region, California. Image: Rain storm clouds at sunrise over ...
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The publicity may be worth it 
Yikes! I would think that is a given 
Rarely enter contests due to ridiculous terms like this
+Bill Mckim After 20 years, I can still count the number of times having a credit line next to an image has led to any additional business, ... and still have a majority of fingers left over.
As if I don't already give the government enough!
Jeez! They never learn, do they. By submitting a (likely losing) photography you turn over a free, unlimited license to your photograph. What a deal! Not!

At some point, photographers probably need to act in concert to bring this nonsense more widely to the attention of other photographers and the rest of the world. Maybe we need a National Don't Give Your Work Away For Free Week on G+ or something. :-)
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