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People on coastal rocks next to large and powerful crashing waves, Marin County coast, California

Processing a few older film images today, including this one of people standing on the edge of becoming a statistic.

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I have no more words, how I can explain.... how wonderful this image is... excellent Gary Crabbe, it's so amazing
Love this Gary. The scene itself is amazing, but the inclusion of the human element truly makes it epic!
That light and spray are so beautiful!
Great photo Gary - that looks like a very bad place to get swept into the water.
Wow, that is nice!!!! Very high impact!!
+Michael Russell Yeah, you wouldn't survive very long getting bashed on the rocks with that kind of power.
This is the ultimate expression of the Marin coast. You must have climbed down the rocks to get this powerful explosion of water. I am so happy to see this. I used to hike the cliffs above Rodeo Beach as often as I could and always wished there were a way to capture such a moment photographically. I always thought it was impossible until I saw this just now.
Gary, This is really beautiful! The lighting is wonderful. Did you put a snoot on the sun?
The people add a good sense of scale (and danger) to this scene. Very cool shot.
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