This is possibly the most important news we've published in a long time. Flag Fen, which is the site of the largest lake dwelling in Europe, is drying out and decaying rapidly! Scientists are trying to reach sponsors to enable as much rescue and research to be done in the small amount of time remaining. Check out the video and blog post for more details.

There are rewards for us sponsors which differ depending on the amount we're prepared to put into the rescue and investigation work. Ruthie and I could only afford the minimum amount, but even that allows us backstage access to a website, appropriately called the 'Site Hut', where we can follow the archaeologists' progress, exclusive videos and son on, a pdf copy of the final archaeological report and an invitation to the end-of-dig Party! All of that for £10! They have already raised half of the amount they need to complete the work in the time-frame that they have - but the value of this site as a Sacred Dwelling site to the Celts (to dwell on Marsh was to be between Land and Sea at the same time) is inestimable. If you can afford to contribute, please do. Not only will you be helping to save the artefacts and knowledge for our children, but you will also personally benefit from your contribution. Can't be bad :)

Me, I'm looking forward to the Party at the end! :)

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