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Gary Britt
Austin Business Lawyer And CPA : 30 years expertise in business law, corporate law, business formation, writing contracts, wills and trusts, and business litigation.
Austin Business Lawyer And CPA : 30 years expertise in business law, corporate law, business formation, writing contracts, wills and trusts, and business litigation.

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Small Business And Startup Lawyer: IRS Income Tax Research Credits Can Now Be Used To Reduce Payroll Taxes !!!
Eligible small business startups can now choose to apply
part or all of their research credit against their payroll tax
liability, instead of their income tax liability, according to the
Internal Revenue Service.  This new option will be available for th...

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IRS Tax Rules For Independent Contractor Versus Employee Status
Classifying a worker as an employee or an
independent contractor. An employer must withhold income taxes and pay Social Security,
Medicare taxes and unemployment tax on wages paid to an employee.
Employers normally do not have to withhold or pay any taxe...

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Tax Help And Advice For New And Established Small Businesses
The Internal Revenue Service is highlighting products to
help small business owners and self-employed individuals understand and
meet their tax obligations.   Some of these tools focus on an emerging
areas of business activity -- the sharing economy – al...

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Owe Federal Income Taxes? Maybe You Need To Make An Offer In Compromise !
Taxpayers who have a tax debt they cannot pay may be able to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount owed by making an Offer in Compromise . Before applying for an Offer in Compromise, here are some things to know: In general, the IRS cannot acc...

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Didn't Timely File Your IRS Federal Income Tax Return? Facts About Late Filing And Penalties
April 18 was this year’s general deadline for filing your
federal tax return AND for paying any tax owed.  If you are due a
refund, there is no penalty if you file a late tax return. Taxpayers who owe tax, and failed to file and pay on time, will most

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Need An Extension Of Time To File Your Federal Income Taxes Form 1040 ?
This year’s tax-filing deadline is April 18.  Taxpayers needing more
time to file their taxes can get an automatic six-month extension from
the IRS. Below are five things to know about filing an extension: Use IRS Free File to file an extension. IRS Free ...

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Save Federal Income Taxes By Deducting Employee Business Expenses
Employees, if you itemize on your federal tax return, remember to deduct your work-related expenses.  Generally, employee business expenses are
deductible if they are more than two percent of adjusted gross income. 
In most cases, they go on IRS Schedule ...

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IRS Federal Income Tax Tips About The Home Office Deduction
Taxpayers who use their home for business may be able to deduct
expenses for the business use of it. Qualified persons can claim the
deduction whether they rent or own their home. One can use the "simplified method"
or the "regular method" to calculate t...

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Ten IRS Tax Time Filing Tips
The Income Tax filing deadline is Tuesday, April 18, 2017 . Here Are 10 Quick Ideas To Help: 1. Gather Records. Good
recordkeeping is important. It helps to ensure that nothing gets
overlooked. Records such as receipts and cancelled checks also provide

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IRS - IRA 401k Reminder: April 1 Deadline To Take Required Minimum Distributions
who turned age 70½ during 2016 that, in most cases, must start
receiving required minimum distributions (RMDs) from Individual
Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and workplace retirement plans by Saturday,
April 1, 2017. A 50 percent tax normally appl...
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