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Well that's Instagram stuffed for photographers!
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Isn't it a coincidence Instagram finally makes an app for Android, then it's bought by Facebook.
I don't think many Android users were that impressed with Instagram here on G+
I looked forward to getting it on android after ditching iphone for android in December. If fb don't mess with it, I'll continue to use it... watch n wait...
I have downloaded it but like others will wait and see. If facebook overwhelm me with crap tie in's it will be given the boot.
I'll keep it for now, but i don't really trust anything to do with Farcebook. They're too good at trashing things as well!
If FB has brought it for 1 billion they must have some plan to make money from it! 
Yes, and even if they keep it separate as they say, then their bound to make changes at some point, and i don't think they're capable of improving anything nowadays....
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