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Garrosh Hellscream
Warchief of the Horde and author of the Warchief's Command Board blog. Son of Grom, slayer of Alliance, writer of EPIC VERSE, eater of lemon squares. Lok'tar!
Warchief of the Horde and author of the Warchief's Command Board blog. Son of Grom, slayer of Alliance, writer of EPIC VERSE, eater of lemon squares. Lok'tar!


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A quick programming notice for the Warchief's Command Board: Summer Sabbatical

Hi, everyone. Averry here hitting the pause button on Garrosh for one of my programming updates. I’m going to be taking a few weeks off from blogging while I juggle a fairly packed summer schedule. Originally, I’d convinced myself that I could forge on…

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And now for a word... New post: Monday mailbag

Okay, looks like we’ve got some follow-up responses to some of the last few mailbags, so let’s have at it…   Yo Warchief, I’ve just come back from a meeting with one of Blackfuse’s representatives. Operation Mercenary is a-go. He says Blackfuse’s official…

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Of diplomacy, dinner guests, and unclear pronoun use. New post: The cost of doing business

So, some of you might remember the other day when Lantresor of the Blade wrote to me saying – among other things – that he was coming up to Orgrimmar to see about signing on with the Horde. Seemed like a pretty good deal, what with Lantresor being a major…

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In which Ji has a hearty lunch and finds himself amid a possible conspiracy. New post: Divided Loyalties

Since I’ve been back in Orgrimmar, I’ve been kept so busy most days that I’ve hardly had time to stop, catch my breath, and really get back to the normal, mundane business of everyday life. It hasn’t just been the meetings with Garrosh, or the time spent…

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Love is in the air, and Lantresor's blade is in Jorin Deadeye's face. New post: Monday mailbag

Time to dip back into the ol’ mailbag. Let’s see what we’ve got this time around…   Hail, Warchief, Firstly, I thank you for accepting Grimjaw into the Kor’kron fold, and hope he will serve you well; secondly, my apologies for the depressive content of my…

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Any good plan can be improved by adding dinosaurs. New post: They might be giants

So, I think we can safely say that Earth Online raiding probably isn’t going to be a reliable way to relax and blow off steam. Which is kind of weird, seeing as how you’d THINK it would help you destress to hop online and run around killing things in…

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It was Tuesday night. There's only one thing the Earth Online guild could have been doing... New post: Raid night

So, everything that’s been going on has kept me fairly busy, but still, what with Gurtash still being a big question mark and there not being a whole lot I can do about it, what little down time I have has still been giving me a little too much time to…

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Mokvar and Neeru, reunited. New post: And your enemies closer

Well, time to add “guest” blogging to the list of things I’ve been picking up again for the first time in a long time. I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be able to post like this, or for that matter, how much Garrosh will even let me. From the look of it,…

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Eitrigg meets @doeling_shay. @Mokvar_Scribe meets Taktani. And @Malkorok_ meets with mischief. And New post: Keep your friends close

So I guess Spazzle already filled you guys in on the Gurtash thing.  No new developments on that front so far.  The healers say that the kid’s either going to come around on his own, or not come around at all, which personally I think is a big huge CYA…

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Bonus mailbag, including a letter from an unexpected correspondent. New post: Monday mailbag

Just got back to Orgrimmar a little while ago.  I checked in with the shamans over in the Valley of Wisdom about Gurtash.  They’re still working on him, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to have anything solid to say for a while yet.  All we really…
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