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+Jon Peterson has published this month's membership spotlight. This time he talks with Andrea Brown, marketing manager at the +Walker Art Center. She had some great advice for students and young professionals. Read the full post here: 
Andrea Brown – Marketing Manager, The Walker Art Center For Andrea Brown, the journey to her current role as marketing manager at the Walker Art Center, was driven by curiosity and passion for the arts. After attending college on the East Coast, Andrea found herself drawn back to Minnesota. “There’s a pull about the Twin... Read more »
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In his first #AdfedMN blog post Tom Hayes, founder and CEO of Riley Hayes shares his thoughts on the evolution of #advertising  agencies. 
There were giants in the earth in those days. — Genesis 6:4 I started in advertising in the 1980s, right around the time a large number of you were born. Quickly, I knew what was what, who was doing what, who was better than whom, who wasn’t as good as they thought, and most importantly, who... Read more »
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Garrio Harrison

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+Jane Veitenheimer latest Fresh Philosophy post is now live. This time she visits +Colle+McVoy to learn more about how they approach modernizing brands.
With digital on the rise, Colle+McVoy has decided to focus on more human solutions.  Their goal is to “Modernize Brands.” But, what is a modern brand and who is a modern consumer? And how do they increase the importance of human solutions? I sat down with Jen Stack and Katie Anderson to get some of their... Read more »
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It has been a long winter but now it's finally warm enough to get outside. Here's to a great outdoor running season.  #running     #nikerunning   #nikeplus   
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Why just send one startup to Silicon Valley when you can send two? Congrats to Docalytics and Kidizen for winning the opportunity to demo their startups at Google HQ! 
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Garrio Harrison

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Here are all the pitches from the +Google for Entrepreneurs demo day at +CoCo. There is some serious talent here in the Twin Cities.  
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Thanks +Garrio Harrison. That's partly why I'm surprised I missed this. I'm already following the Entrepreneurs group and I sent an email to Don @ CoCo to make sure I'm on any mailing lists. Hope I don't miss future events.
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As the advertising, marketing and design industry continue to evolve agencies have started experimenting with new ways of approaching innovation. The design thinking approach in particular being the preferred method of many. I sat down with one of the more vocal advocates of the practice here in the Twin Cities, +Lisa Helminiak Co-Founder and CEO of +Azul 7 for this interview.
As the advertising, marketing and design industry continue to evolve agencies have started experimenting with new ways of approaching innovation. The design thinking approach in particular being the preferred method of many. I sat down with one of the more vocal advocates of the practice here in the Twin Cities, Lisa Helminiak, Co-Founder and CEO of... Read more »
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Credit card machine temporarily out of order. #thoughtlessacts
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I finally got around to publishing my first +LinkedIn post. Truth be told I actually had a hard time figuring out what to write about. Instead of trying to be an industry pundit I've decided to focus on sharing the lessons I've learned and the #career  advice I've been given. ☺
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These days with the rise of    #technology   the word  #design    and as a result the role of the  #designer    has become harder to define. To shed some light on what this shift means for designers I asked my friend and coworker +Jason Lehmkuhle. His insights can be found here:  

Related hashtags:    #advertising     #marketing   
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Digital Strategist
  • Marketing Edge Group
    Digital Strategist, 2012 - present
    I help our clients navigate and effectively leverage the evolving social web. I do this by identifying opportunities through design thinking, network theory, collaboration, and the creation of integrated digital tools.
  • CoCo Coworking & Collaborative Space
    Digital Strategist, 2012 - present
    I help with the archiving of the CoCo story. I do this by helping to curate its social ecosystem.
  • The Advertising Federation of Minnesota
    Board Member, 2012 - present
    I oversee the #adfedmn website and our social media platform and analytics strategy. I do this in collaboration with a passionate and incredibly talented group of volunteers.
  • The Advertising Federation of Minnesota
    Membership Director, 2010 - 2012
  • PUNY
    Social Media Director, 2012 - 2012
  • dblthink
    President, 2010 - 2012
  • CoCo Coworking & Collaborative Space
    Resident Manager, 2010 - 2012
  • Creatis
    Graphic Designer, 2007 - 2010
  • Production Artist
    Ernst & Young, 2006 - 2007
Basic Information
Your network is your net worth, invest in and curate it accordingly.
I'm a digital strategist. I'm also a fan of human-centered designmusicphotojournalism and social technology

I do it for a living.

My Personal Why:
I believe each individual is capable of the amazing. I also believe each individual has the potential to be the catalyst by which others unlock their full potential.  


Below is a break down of my social web ecosystem: The social networks I use daily to organize & archive my experiences.

I don’t view google+ as a social network, I view it as my unique identifier the web over. The central hub I use to openly organize my thoughts and digital activity as it relates to both life & business.

My activity on the actual social network typically revolve around the following #hashtags.

1. #thoughtlessacts 
Observations of human behavior.

2. #thinkingoutloud 
Ideas and random thoughts.

3. #runjournal 
Running for me is at the intersection of a few things I find interesting: Personal data, technology and physical activity. I'm also currently training for my first marathon. I keep track of my progress using my Asics training profile.


My Timeline on the other hand is a window into my personal life. Which is why it’s the only place I can be found on the web with a different profile picture.

I use it to archive and organize the interests, social connections, memories and experiences that shape my perspectives.


Linkedin is pretty much my living resume, an archive of my professional experience. It’s also where I map and maintain my professional graph as well as stay on top of industry trends.

Their iPad App is the first thing I look at each morning.


I rarely use twitter to actively communicate. In my case tweets replicate the functionality of the status update, both on google+ and on Facebook. I do however use it to publicly archive my process. I also use it to share content I find interesting during research. More importantly I use it to listen, actively consuming content from a carefully curated list of twitter accounts I follow using Flipboard.


In 2010 I committed to taking a photo a day: Project 365.

Since then I’ve renewed my love for photography and find instagram perfect for capturing random observations & practicing photo composition.Your best camera is the one you have with you.

For me Foursquare is less about the broadcasting of my location, instead I view it as an archive of the places I’ve been. Again, framed in the context of passively documenting my experiences for future reference.


— In life and in business the journey is the destination.

Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
St Paul
Jamaica - Iowa - Minneapolis
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