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Well, I'm never going to bother and vote again.

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And some people wonder why bs medicine makes me so angry.
Christ. What the hell is wrong with people who still believe in this craptrap?

Homeopathy is a scam, and people who believe in it are either uneducated or morons. Or both.

People, stop being gullible morons. 

Day 1 at Disney paradise Pier. No shower curtain. No answer from front desk. No answer from guest services. Go downstairs, they say they will send one up right sway and said she was there and the phone didn't ring. As if it's my fault. 40 minutes still no shower curtain. Well done, +Disney​

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+Stuff to Blow Your Mind - HowStuffWorks  Ray Kurzweil is correct as often and as accurately as a psychic. Even with the believer who ignore the misses and only talk about the hits.

One thing I have never heard proponents of Singularity talk about is motivation. Intelligence does not equate to motivation, and there is no reason we need write code that give an AI motivation. We will build them and we can build them so they never think to self modify.

I just walked 3.2 miles for a waffle and a biscuit and gravy. Totally going to be worth it.

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Look at this asshole

How do you handle it when someone points out you are factually wrong?

Do you dig in your heals and attack them? make strawman arguments? ah homs?

Do you ask them to explain why and if it turns out you are wrong do you accept it, change your narrative appropriately and move on?

All of us will be wrong, and reasonably often. Please take a breath and think about your response. Don't assume they are hostile. Ask the to clarify if needed.

Breath, Think, Reply.

TI's OK to be wrong. IT's not OK to refuse to believe it, or to attack people who point it out.

I mean factual wrong. Like "There is no Portland in Maine" factual inaccuracies. 
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