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High energy collisions don't only happen at the LHC; evidence of new physics might come from cosmic rays.
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But can one make use of such processes to find 'new physics'?
I mean, from the quantum mechanical point of view, these observations are only 'measurements', as opposed to the LHC ones, that are 'full' experiments: preparation+measurement. So if the LHC can't find evidence of new physics, then it's going to be real hard to extract such kind of evidence from cosmic ray shower data. But hey, maybe the people working on this will amaze us with some clever idea.
I bet there are tons of interesting and complex phenomena happening here, but jumping directly to 'new physics' might be a bit premature, don't you think?
That's right. Cosmic ray evidence can only tell us there is something; it takes the LHC to tell us what it is. Unless you want to lift the Atlas or CMS detector into the upper atmosphere and wait a long time!
If true, it would open a new way to travel in space magnetically with properly designed superconductive outer haul with magnodinamic shape. As it would be a mist of heavy metal ?
Anti-Mattter insulatable skin would be able to produce near speed of light transpotation, if only we could trap it in mass ?
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