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New Firefox GNOME theme (Adwaita). It's a snapshot, for testing — lots of changes. Let me know how it works for you.

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It rocks here! Thanks a lot for your hard work :)
The buttons on the error console at the top look unthemed. 

I also use an extension called Treestyle Tab View so I can get vertical tabs.  (I'm curious why tabs are generally not vertical?  I like having consistent placement and sizes for my tabs!)  Bizarrely, all the tabs below the current one have a strange tab image to them, and all the ones above look normal. 

I'll share pictures of this with you.
Ah, symbolic icons look out of place next to the normal ones from extensions, but Web has them too, so I guess it's alright.
Folder icon for folders on the Bookmarks Toolbar is missing.
Downloads icon is also missing.
Thanks for the feedback. The issues* have been fixed in the repo by those of us on the team. (I tackled some, Alexander Seleznev took care of some others.)

* Error console, folder & download icons, and a few random other issues have been fixed.

I did take a stab at Tree Style Tabs too, but it seems to be a bit more complicated, and may have to wait until after the release. Perhaps I can get a fix in so it's not so awkward before then. Coincidentally, there's already a rough, quick mockup for this that Hylke Bons and I worked on around a year or so ago at the Desktop Summit in Berlin @ (interestingly, the Tree Style Tabs plugin for Firefox works mostly like we talked about — it mostly needs the styles adjusted).
+Gregory DK: Which icons are out of place? Perhaps we can make some that look correct, with a little bit of CSS brute force.

(FWIW: LastPass has a symbolic-looking icon in the preferences; the second icon under the "icon" section.)
+Garrett LeSage Since you use symbolic icons on the Navigation Toolbar, other icons (from extensions) look out of place next to them. You can't solve this, except for not using symbolic icons.
A goal is to try to make sure it's fully compatible with Firefox 15 and released within the week, so it's good to go for Firefox 15's release on Tuesday, Aug 28th. (No solid promises here, just good intentions!)
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