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Happy Valentines Day!!

If you have icicles an ice dam may be forming on the roof.  Here are some home improvement steps to stop the water trapped by an ice dam from getting into your house.
 Remove the snow from your roof eaves and above the ice dam. Using ladders in the winter is very dangerous. Use a roof rake or similar tool from the ground but be cautious of damaging shingles and other roofing materials and stay away from power lines.
 Have a professional ice removal company remove the ice. It's not cheap at over $20 per foot of eave and can be significantly more depending on how high your roof is and various other factors.
What can be done to cure ice dams that can cause water to leak into a house in Minneapolis/St. Paul? One of the best ways is to stop the heat in your living space from entering the attic. Adding more insulation to the attic and the ceiling where there is no attic space will also help greatly. The net effect should reduce your heating bills also.
Some houses continue to suffer with ice dam formation, and more proactive methods like modifications to roofs and gutters or a heating cable system are necessary to prevent ice dams.
Newer homes normally have a natural ventilation path where air enters the soffit under the eave allowing the attic air to exit through venting in the roof peaks.  This balanced system keeps the entire roof at a more constant temperature that greatly reduces ice dams.  A remodeling professional like Garn Construction can take steps to add venting or insulate where venting is not an option that can minimize your roofs potential for ice dams.
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