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I'm thinking of travelling here.. 
Curacao Tourist Bureau -- official site. Visit Curacao, one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. With acclaimed diving and thrilling outdoor fun, this hidden gem is your ideal travel spot.
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Have you been? Care to join me in September?
Garick, i live on Curacao, but would not mind connecting in RT while you're here, and helping you plan out your visit. Let me know.
haha, oh really? +Majid El-Hoss , do you know of and would you be open to hosting me as a guest possibly? The thing is.. I was recently let go from my job and so I'm looking to take a trip somewhere to recharge. Curacao stuck out to me as a place I'd be interested in visiting. Or would you know of local hostels/budget accommodation?
Hey Garick, will take a look around for you. Looking into the couchsurfing thing also.
Sure, thanks Majid. Well, actually.. I may be changing my mind. A friend has offered me to come stay with him in Puerto Rico. I did speak with the Curacao Tourism Board earlier today though and they will be sending me some more brochures and information to go over. Either way, thank you so much for reaching out and showing such great enthusiasm in your city! I do appreciate the hospitality
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