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Helping teams deliver better software since 1998

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We're running another of the popular Certified Scrum Developer classes next month (September 13-15) in Toronto.

This course is aimed at developers working in a Scrum team and covers test driven development (TDD), acceptance test driven development (ATDD) / behavioural driven development (BDD), refactoring, pair and mob programming, technical debt, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

For each of the technical practices, we introduce the concept through discussions and engaging simulations and then dive into code to show direct application. This is a very hands-on class - attendees will be actively participating throughout the week, not just listening to a lecture.

You will have fun and you will learn skills that are immediately applicable to your job.

A couple of testimonials from past sessions of this class:

“I loved this certification course! What I learned here would have taken lots of time to learn and observe in real life and now I know I can apply it into my job.”

“This is one of the best trainings I have ever had. Learned everything in real-time in much fun way rather than total theory. When taught with live examples, that create more impact. Mike is just so awesome in his teaching style.”

Some testimonials from this weeks Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) class, taught by +Mike Bowler.

“Mike inspires you to want to improve your craft as an individual and as a team. You will learn skills to improve your development instantly, and skills that will allow you to continue improving every day.”

“This is one of the best trainings, I have ever had. Learned everything in real-time in much fun way rather than total theory. When taught with live examples, that create more impact. Mike is just so awesome in his teaching style.”

“The course is very useful and it is relevant to our daily work. Exercises we did in the course helped to understand the agile/scrum process a lot.”

Information on upcoming CSD courses can be found at:

We just opened another Certified Scrum Developer class in Markham, Ontario (near Toronto) in June. Sign up here:

We've just announced three public Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) classes for 2016, all in Toronto. We expect these to fill up so book early.

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We're starting to see more and more interest in the Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD) class. While this does have an emphasis on the Scrum method, this class is primarily focused on agile engineering practices that can be used with any agile method and will benefit any team that wants to improve their technical practices.

We are one of a small handful of companies offering the CSD class in Canada and believe that we were the very first to teach a public CSD here.

For our international friends, we're happy to bring the class to you as well.

If you're interested in this course then ask us how we can help.

We've recently partnered with 3P Vantage to teach their very practical Agile Mindset classes for leaders. We've just returned from teaching their two day class in Bangalore India and are already booking sessions in North America for 2016. Let us know if you're interested in these classes.

Just a reminder that +Play4Agile North America is next weekend. Don't miss out on this amazing weekend of playful approaches to Agile.

Our advice to teams is always to fix defects as soon as they're found. But what if the product owner doesn't care about getting them fixed and wants the team to focus on new features instead?

This is a good learning opportunity for the team. Most likely the features that are currently broken aren't that important if the product owner doesn't care about getting them fixed. So why did we build them in the first place? Is there an opportunity here to improve our prioritization so that we don't waste our time building things that really aren't that important?

Can we remove those features now? If they're not important enough to fix then perhaps they don't belong in the product at all. Let's consider all sides of the problem.

More at

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When teaching classes, we would often find that attendees would demonstrate their proficiency with specific skills while they were with us and yet they wouldn't apply them when they returned to their normal work.

To solve this problem, we've leveraged the work on Mob Programming that +Woody Zuill and his team have pioneered.

More details at

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Have you ever shown up for work and spend the first twenty minutes trying to remember where you left off on the previous day? If you're writing code and using TDD (which we highly recommend) then leave a broken test when you leave for the day. In other words, stop at the end of "red"

When you come in the next morning, the first thing you should do is run all your tests. The one that fails is where you left off the previous day.

Not sure how TDD works? Check out our description:
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