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Migrating all our personal files from +Dropbox  to +Google Drive  it's gonna take a while me thinks!
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+Dr. James M. Curran Funny you say that, I just got an email from Dropbox to say that the storage I got with my S3 will soon expire.  That prompted me to rethink if I needed the other 100Gb...

I have around 90Gb of 'stuff' including camera photos.  All my professional photos aren't in the cloud, except for final client copies on Smugmug.  They equate to over a TB.  Thought about using Amazon S3, but I think a local RAID should be fine for those photos.  I also have a copy offsite at a relatives house.
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Bring down King Joffrey

Sorry for a twitter-esque post on G+, but I think this is kinda cool

If you tweet the appropriate hashtag, a machine that is sitting in Aotea Square, in Auckland New Zealand will gradually pull down a real statue of King Joffrey..

Check out the live view, it's leaning rather a lot now...
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I reckon it's timed to a particular event in the show 
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A Message to my kids when they're old enough to search my public posts...

I'm taking advantage of the fact that it's the end of daylight savings today, and you've both had a huge day, and are really tired.  So I've convinced you to go to bed early at 7pm.. but I never changed the clock in the kitchen, so you're really going to bed at 6pm...

When you have kids of your own... you will understand
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+David Robins not my kids. They woke up and sorted their own breakkie. 
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Gareth Robins

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Chart of the day. Infant mortality rates now vs fifty years ago 
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Wonder what it will look like fifty years from now.
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So next week I have to give a talk to Ms6's class about what I do.  

Since this is a bunch of 6year olds, I have to find something simple of course, but also something that is interesting.  One of the things I thought of was to graph the connectedness of the class, based purely on Miss 6's recollection of all the friendships of the class.

So the picture is a quick output from Gephi, anonymised of course.  The size of the graph indicates the 'betweenness' of the class.  So basically a measure of how central that person is.  It's no surprise who circle 'D' relates to, since Ms6 will introduce her own bias.

What I did find interesting though, is that there are three kids who are not very connected in the class.  They do link to at least one of the more 'central' kids (I don't like the term popular), but the number of triangles is very small.  That is, the number of groups of three they're a part of.

This suggests to me that the teacher can perhaps encourage these kids to make new friends, and spread the risk of a broken friendship to more people.  After all if these kids are too reliant on the more central kids, and those kids don't reciprocate, it could mean the less connected kids feel ostracised.

I'm going to dig deeper, and show the graphs with names to the teacher to confirm the work.  As I mentioned, it's based on Ms6's recollection, but imagine if I was able to get each kid to list their top 5 friends, and re do the analysis.  
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My daddy makes funny pictures that nobody understands.... ;)
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Have him in circles
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Gareth Robins

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T-Shirts all ready for +Tough Mudder next weekend in Auckland.

Getting just a wee bit excited now... even though it's going to hurt... a lot!
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+Charlene Anderson I think we'll be done by then 
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Gareth Robins

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Epic Slip 'N Slide Pool Party!!:
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Oh man that is the coolest! I was thinking "umm OK what's this? " at the start... Then WOW! 
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Gareth Robins

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2014 Weetbix Tryathlon

Some photos below (I'm uploading unedited, as I'm too pooped, and I trust +Vic Gundotra's fantastic Google+ Photos to edit them nicely..)

Mr8 was amazing, as were all the kids there.  I didn't see anyone throw hissy fits or not do their best, and most of the kids were smiling at the end.  I have to take my hat off to +Weetbix Tryathlon for putting on a great event.

He was a bit hesitant to get into the water, it was a bit colder than he'd expected.  This was the last event for 2014, and we're now officially in Autumn, but today's high was 24, and I reckon it got much hotter than that during the day.  Once he was in, it was fine.  We were a little worried about the transition as there were hundreds of bikes, but he managed to find his ok (which astounds me as he can't seem to find anything in the morning before school).  

The bike ride was pretty easy for him I think, only one hill, and now he has a geared bike, that was no problem.  We normally do a fun ride of 8km so the 5km today was just right.

The running is what he's been training the most for, and it definitely paid off.  Two months ago he was getting stitches after 200m, now he can run 3.7km before stopping.  Today's run was 1.5km and he pushed on at his own pace, and left enough energy for the final sprint.

What I learned as a parent:
•  I loved the way they had kids in the water in waves (no pun intended).
•  Lots of lifeguards on duty were a great help, Mr8 felt reassured as he's not a strong swimmer.
•  Togs/Undies... today we went with undies under togs, even though they were wet for the ride and run.  Next year we'll go with cycle shorts for the swim, and he can slip shorts over the top for the ride.
•  Cash is king... Ice Cream vendors don't like EFTPOS!
•  Bring a taller flag to identify the bike location
•  Minimise the amount of gear you bring just in case.
•  Bring lots of food and water!
•  Chill out and relax, the parents were the most stressed people there!

Now for the next challenge!
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Awesome work :) 
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Gareth Robins

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Skins or something else?

There's lots of advice out there that wearing compression gear will help during Tough Mudder.  Mostly they focus on compression socks/calves, but I'm thinking that full on tights might be better, along with a long sleeve top.  That way I can keep it for cycling in winter (if they survive TM!).

My question is should I go for Skins, or is there a better brand out there?
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+David Robins that's the best tm video I've seen, apart from mustache man
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Gareth Robins

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OMG this reminds me of so many meetings in old job.

Thanks +Karin Curran for sharing
This is too many of you fellow developers have been through this at one point or another in your careers, I certainly have.  We can do anything...we are the experts...

The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)
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You could draw 7 perpendicular lines in 3 dimensions 
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Have him in circles
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