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Happy being nobody
Happy being nobody
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I'm looking for a decent minecraft host in the UK or Europe. Any recommendations?

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Free Knowledge Available to Download: Educate Yourself, Inspire Others, Change the World

Just received my Nexus 4 and the very first thing I notice is that the colors are a lot colder than my Galaxy Nexus. I'm sure I'll get used to it but, at the minute, I'm preferring my Galaxy Nexus.

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The Onion with another scoop :)

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Our friends at Warner Bros. are helping us make the first ever LEGO feature film! It’s in 3D and everything! Well not everything- it’s missing you! 

Seeing as you guys are pretty awesome, we want you to get involved. Here’s how: 

Get building!!

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Nice explanation

My son heard the news this morning that they'd found the Higgs Boson. He immediately asked, "Why, where was it?".

Reverted to stock ICS on the Nexus S and unrooted. Because, you know, they might push JellyBean out early.

Java annotations can be useful. Who knew? Just deleted about half of some model code by pushing A LOT of functionality into the factory and annotating  the mapped fields in my model classes. I know .... rocket science.
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