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We are THRILLED to reveal our beautiful, fascinating, visual history of travel, covering the incredible journey of the human race so far!

#travel   #history   #exploration  
A Brief Visual History of Travel: presents the epic journey of the human race, from the plains of Africa to the beckoning universe, and beyond.
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An Adventure into the heart of North Korea 

#travel   #gapyear   #backpacking  
A fascinating account from a backpacker who travelled under strict guidance around North Korea, the most secretive, repressive and arguably dangerous country in the word.
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The Pepperoni Travel Map.

Absolutely essential!

#travel   #pizza   #gapyear  
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To everyone picking up your results today, it's not the be all and end all! (Although it may seem it at the time)

#gapyear #travel #resultsday #uni #clearing #alevels
So you didn't do too well. Firstly, don't panic! Thousands of others are in exactly the same situation and you have far more options than you may think.
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Do not despair, you can #backpack in #Australia on a #gapyear and also look at further study for low fees in the #TAFE or vocational system
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From statues, to squares, to camp moustachio policemen, macabre waxworks and Galileo's crusty decaying finger in a jar, Cormac's photoblog from Florence is definitely an interesting mix!

#gapyear #backpacking #florence
A photo blog from our recent trip to Italy. Here's what we got up to while exploring the weird and wonderful in Florence and Tuscany...

#travel   #photography   #italy  
Surround yourself with classical sculptures. Or something funkier and more modern, like these statues. Or the altered street signs of Clet Abraham Wander along the banks of the Arno the cool breeze blows in from the water. Hang out in the Piazza della Signoria ...
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Sandstorms in Peru reveal undiscovered Nazca Lines.

#gapyear   #travel   #backpacking   #peru   #Nazca   #news  
Sandstorms and strong winds in Peru have uncovered a new collection of the mysterious Nazca Lines in the Peruvian Desert. It doesn't get much cooler than this!
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Incredible Photos of Mystical Iceland

#Iceland   #winter   #Holidays   #Gapyear   #Travel   #Backpacking   #Artic   #Earthporn  
Tey Bannerman's fascinating photo essay encapsulate the amazing sights, the frosty climate, and the quirky Icelandic culture.
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Check out this awesome infographic showing where you should and should not drink tap water...
Check out this infographic which shows the regions of the world where you can and cannot drink water from the tap. It could save you a nasty illness!
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Can't afford to go travelling? Why not fake it instead! 

#gapyear   #travel   #backpacking  
For five weeks Dutch student Zilla van den Born pretended to be travelling around South East Asia, when in fact she'd never left her home city of Amsterdam.
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An incredible insight into what life is like in wartime Damascus 

#travel   #experience   #gapyear  
For the last three years Damascus, the ancient capital of Syria, has been at the centre of the tumultuous civil war. In this piece we find out what life is like behind the lines.
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The ultimate guide to taking a gap year at ages 16, 17, and 18! 

#backpacking   #gapyear   #travel   
Planning a gapyear at sixteen or seventeen may not be easy, but that doesn't mean it's impossible! Here is a guide on how under 18s can deal with age restrictions and travel the world.
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A great new SEO / marketing article by our COO +Cormac Scanlan on the +Moz blog.
Should you always act on link removal requests? I don't believe you should! My first +Moz article explains why, and looks for a more robust process for dealing with the webmaster's side of backlink audits.

See for the full article.

#seo   #backlinks   #webmarketing   #webmaster  
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