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Profound or bullshit?

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I found this website very informative and surprising. It allows you to rank causes of death by age, gender, state, country, etc.

I did not expect poisoning and suicide to be ranked so high.

I don't know if I like this new G+ interface. It is more difficult. What problem were they solving?

Any guesses which passenger on Flight 462 survives?

Either my memory is failing me or they didn't explicitly show this: when did Morgan get Rick's map? 

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Who likes dophins?

This is my theory on Inid:

Everytime Inid has to do something difficult to survive, like take the close off a walker or eat a turtle raw, she writes JSS (Just Survive Somehow) to remind herself why she is doing this.  When she is about to enter Alexandria, she does this also.

Sometime between eating the turtle and entering Alexandria, she met up with the Wolves and rather than being brutalized, a deal was made.

Watch as she is entering Alexandria, she keeps looking back.  This is because the Wolves took her there.  Her deal with them is to get behind the wall and provide intel so they can attack.  This is why Inid sneaks outside the wall from time to time.

Inid knew when the attack would occur.  She told the Wolves when all the fighters would be away.  This is why the one Wolve says to Morgan, "you weren't supposed to be here".  This is also why Inid starts saying good bye to people before the attack.  This is also why she collected the keys to the armory before the attack, to minimize the bloodshed.  This is why she has minimal fear of the Wolves and why she is leaving after the attack.

But the most telling is when she is talking to Carl and she says, "this place is too big to defend, it has too many blind spots, this is why we...." then is interrupted.

We are not done with the Wolves.  Morgan let several get away, one with a gun.  We will see Inid and the Wolves again.  

I've noticed that conservatives like slogans that skips the complexity and reduces a topic down to something simple to understand.

Here are a few that I thought of:

These colors don't run.
From my cold dead hands.
Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
American exceptionalism.
Speak American.
Support the troops.

Can you think of any others?
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