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Despicable Social Me-dia. Note: You may share this ONLY if you spot the error in the cartoon. No spoilers.
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Ganesh Nayak

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The World's largest elections is starting tomorrow

Indian general elections are starting tomorrow. The scale of this democratic process is telling – Around 80 Crore (800 million) voters, 10 Lakh (1 million) polling stations, 1 Crore (10 million) poll officials. People will vote to choose representatives to 543 parliamentary seats with elections spread across 9 polling days stretching more than a month.

But the scale tells only one part of the story. The complexity and Indian context makes Indian elections so fascinating. Hundreds of parties and thousands of candidates will try to woo voters. Though it’s a national election voters will vote based on local, state and national issues. The parties also need to consider the hundreds of caste groups of India, since most castes have collective party preference. Then there is language barrier. With most states speaking their own language, national leaders cannot communicate directly with majority of population, and for same reason regional parties find it difficult to spread beyond their strongholds.

Indian democracy is First past the post system i.e. each seat is won by the candidate who secures highest votes (candidate can get less than 50% votes to win). But the government should have 50% seats to get the majority. With hundreds of parties in the fray, coalition governments are norm in India. The incumbent coalition is UPA (United Progressive Alliance) led by principle party Indian National Congress (NC). The principle opposition is NDA (National Democratic Alliance) led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In last two decades between them the two main parties have managed to get at least 50% seats.

Another hallmark of Indian Elections is use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). The use of EVMs has dramatically reduced and brought to near zero invalid votes, ballot stuffing and counting errors. Though there have been multiple attempts to prove EVM rigging, the confidence in the tamper proof of the EVMs is nearly 100% with the Indian electorate.

Finally, big shout out to Election Commission of India, which has consistently has raised the bar and has set global benchmarks in conducting free and fair elections. 
More than 814 million people -- a number larger than the population of Europe -- will be eligible to vote in the world's biggest democratic exercise.
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wish all hv google glass to record vote and link to     Election 2014 or Future Bharat - India 272+ Modi PM   BJP releases Charge Sheet against UPA Government 04.04.2014   Shri Narendra Modi addressing "Bharat Vijay" Rally in (Vaishali) Ghaziabad, UP   Photos Google Modi PM BJP 400+   Narendra Modi's Full Interview on ETV   Narendra Modis Home Town Vadnagar - 30 Pictures   Dr Subramanian Swamy Talks on Islam   Reality Of Mamta Banerjee Exposed By Rajiv Dixit  2-Apr14   Secular Votes: Sonia Gandhi & Muslim Vote     Medha Patkar: Real face of AAP candidate & "social activist   SHOCKING: Arvind Kejriwal EXPOSED in 300 seconds   Swami Ramdev Addressing "Rastra Nirman Sava"  Ropar, Punjab  2nd April 2014   Swami Ramdev addressing Press Conference - Balongi, Mohali,Panjab - 2nd April 2014   College Students taking Exam of Baba Ramdev   Watch unseen aspects of Modi's life Exclusive on India News - PART ONE   Watch unseen aspects of Modi`s life Exclusive on India News - PART TWO   Narendra Modi Interview: Watch unseen aspects of Modi's life Exclusive on NewsX   Shri Narendra Modi addressing "Bharat Vijay" rally in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh     skyM4-M5  
#modi  #swamy  #ramdev     #UPAChargesheet
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Ganesh Nayak

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Cool moves

Well played sir - well played indeed
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Ganesh Nayak

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Excellent article - We need to move from tolerance to Mutual Respect

No spouse would appreciate being told that his or her presence at home was being "tolerated." No self-respecting worker accepts mere tolerance from colleagues. We tolerate those we consider inferior. In religious circles, tolerance, at best, is what the pious extend toward people they regard as heathens, idol worshippers or infidels. It is time we did away with tolerance and replaced it with "mutual respect."
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You can only have respect for a person's 'right' to conform to an ideology. This essentially is tolerance.
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Ganesh Nayak

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Probably the best opinion poll analysis in the world

India should be mecca of psephology for the sheer complexity of electoral math that India poses. With multi-party system, number of castes and sub-castes, state Vs National elections, alliances etc, India gives opportunity for cutting edge research in the areas of  psephology, which probably no other country can offer.

Till a few years ago opinion polls had very poor credibility owing to their high margin of error. But now-a-days things have improved, but still needs exponential improvement considering the complexity of the problem.

Dr. Praveen Patil is doing just that. Not only he is developing his own techniques  to find solutions to India's unique psephological problems, but also has taken the initiative to open source the studies by putting raw data in public domain.

Kudos to Dr. Praveen Patil. 
mukesh patel's profile photo   How Marxist AAP is brainwashing youth of India!   Life after 1984 anti-Sikh riots: 29 years of struggle     Ahinsha     India272+ Dialogues with Smt Smriti Irani    
   #Modi        #swamy      #ramdev         #UPAChargesheet  modoforpm
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Have him in circles
10,030 people
LOL.. Too good
3D printer company asks client not to print 3D printers. #LoL   #Recursion  
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Ganesh Nayak

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Historic Elections in Afghanistan

Despite security threats, despite the Chief Election Commission Office itself being attacked, Afgans are going out and voting to democratically elect their next president.

Kudos to Afgan citizens, polling officials, independent observers and security forces 
New Al Jazeera poll shows despite security concerns, Afghans feel their country is ready for presidential election.
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Oh..What great news.I want to say Slamat to all women and men in Afghanistan.I know what it is to fight for freedom and democracy.I was in the struggle.If you fight for freedom and democracy unfortunately their will be a lost of lifes on both sides.To see you at the polls today means your fighting was not in vain.You are almost free.Free to practice your religion across the world.Free to trade accross the people.Your children will be free.This is just a sweet taste of Democracy.There are more to come.The men and woman that died fighting for their freedom and those of their children I call Heroes.A Thank to to the US Soldier who also lost their lives in assisting the Afghans in their fight for freedom.I SALUTE you.You died for a just cause so that those who was oppressed can enjoy a better life.
You have done us proud.People who never fought for Freedom and Democracy would never understand.The Americans fought Slavery and the South Africans fought for freedom due to an racist goverment.So we've been there and done that.Fighting for Freedom and Democracy has nothing to do with the interest of oil ect.
So people of Afghanistan I'm proud of you.A big thank you to the US Military as well.This news brought tears in my eyes cause it reminded me of our struggle.At the end of it all we never hated our oppressors or planted bombs.Mandela is a great example.He had dinner with his enemy.
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Ganesh Nayak

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Clever indeed
This clever candle holder can make your candle last at least twice as long
British artist and designer Benjamin Shine has come up with a simple and elegant improvement re-design for the common candle holder that allows candles to last at least twice as long.

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Ganesh Nayak

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There is no Samsung killer

It was time to buy a new phone when I dropped my 3 year old Moto Atrix and shattered its glass. I started my hunt with clear preference against Samsung. Wanted to give other brands a serious try.

But finally ended up buying Samsung Galaxy S3. It hit all the important points - large screen, gorilla glass, 1 GB Ram, FM radio, Micro SD card, price... No wonder its the best selling phone.
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Samsung good on apps too
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Hilarious.. Very well done...  Have a great weekend
A Conference Call in Real Life
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Forbes India Magazine - Indian Carriers Hit Air Pocket, Losses Mount

A. s two foreign airlines girdle up for new launches in India, the five incumbent carriers in the Indian skies are battling tough times. The

No, Narendra Modi is not the ‘most searched’ person on Google

The veracity of this claim, which was carried by several mainstream news organisations is however, highly debatable.

Uttarakhand: Cong could learn from ‘Rambo’ Modi’s rescue model

It was smart thinking all the way. Modi made good use of BJP’s organisational machinery with the help of his own officials.


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Lot of times the more famous taxi services cancel the order at the last moment, especially when the destination is railway station, since they prefer airport services. Never had a problem with JK though... Once they saved our trip, since they are the only ones willing... May be because they are closer to our home, not sure... Have been booking JK since over a year now. Never had a problem
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reviewed a year ago
In the age where we are lost behind the digital screens, is it a good idea to have a one more screen in the restaurant!!! Going out with family and friends gives an opportunity to come out of our digital lives and this place does not help with that :-).... Anyways, the touch table concept is good and the probably the place is worth visiting once... The food is good, but not something extra-ordinary. The service was very slow and that killed the excitement. Coming to touch screen, did not find it very responsive. There are games for kids, but since the screen is at the table center its not very convenient access to them. The humor section has adult jokes; need to be careful if with kids. Even though one can order through the touch screen, the waiter comes immediately to confirm the order, which is good, since it avoids accidental orders
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: ExcellentService: Poor to fair
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
If one can get a balcony table overseeing the MG road, with good weather and friends, this place is wonderful. The food and service quality are excellent. Always had buffet here.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Although not very big, its worth a good visit, especially with kids. The toy train ride is excellent (But needs minimum of 10 to gather). The highlight is the "Maharani Saloon", the private coach of Maharani of Mysore. Not many people visit here, hence not crowed, a welcome break from rest of the main attractions at Mysore
Appeal: GoodFacilities: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
24 reviews
Even though there was so much crowd, everything went so smoothly. The authorities have taken great care to make it tourist friendly. Everything feels well thought through. Note that cameras are allowed inside the compound (first entry after the tickets), but not allowed inside the main building (there is a free camera locker facility). The audio kit is a must buy. It costs only 100, but there are few takers, owing to the steep deposit of 2000 Rs. The audio guide makes one really appreciate the palace and the things at display. Also should highlight that the palace upkeep is spot on. I could not find a single corner with dust accumulated. Mysore palace was truly a wonderful experience.
• • •
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Good place for a quick weekend get-away for Bangaloreans. We started post lunch and due to excellent roads reached quickly. Vehicles will go inside the fort, but tickets needs to be purchased. Once inside, immediately there is Tippu's summer palace to the left and a lake to the front. Both are not worth visiting. We then drove all the way to the top. From there we covered everything via walk. Only places worth seeing are the ancient Nandishwar temple (and the small lake behind it), Nandi statue, and tippu fall. Rest of the places are not worth it. While coming back, we took a detour and visited the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, situated close to the foot hills. The temple carvings are brilliant, touching the standards of Hampi and Belur/Halebedu. Its a must visit.
• • •
Appeal: Very goodFacilities: GoodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
We stayed here for three days during our trip to Mysore. Our experience has been mixed. The room and restaurant quality are great, but service standards needs improvement. For the price (discounted after negotiation), the room is value for money including locker, balcony, individual A/c. The room size was small (we took the lowest category) although very clean. The shower was too good, with super rain effect, but water could have been hotter. There was bucket but no mug. There were couple of service calls missed. But the staff goes out of the way to help once they meet face to face. Free wifi barely worked. Can consider it as not present at all. The in-house restaurant Ambari is really a highlight. We had dinner there every day, but did not get bored of it. The complementary breakfast was also very good. I would recommend this hotel, since overall we were happy with the stay.
• • •
Quality: Very goodFacilities: Very goodService: Poor to fair
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reviewed a year ago