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Introducing the Brand New Datalogic Memor X3 Mobile Computer.

The Memor X3 mobile computer brings a host of new features designed to strengthen Datalogic’s value proposition in the area of compact and lightweight terminals. The Memor X3 mobile computer is offered with a full portfolio of models featuring different scan engine options, including an entry-level linear imager, a top-performance laser scanner with Gorilla® Glass scan window, and a 2D imager ideal for pharmaceutical applications. All of the Memor X3 scan engines feature Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback.

Key Features:

1. Ergonomic, compact and robust
2. Reading options: Laser; Wide-aspect 2D Area Imager; Linear Imager (all with ‘Green Spot’ technology)
3. Two battery options: 1430 mAh and 2300 mAh
4. Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Core or CE 6.0 Pro
5. XScale™ PXA 310 @ 806 MHz processor on Windows CE Pro models / 624 MHz on Windows CE Core
6. Summit embedded IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n radio with CCX V4 connectivity and security
7. Bluetooth® Wireless Technology 2.1 with EDR
8. 256 MB RAM on Windows CE Pro models / 128 MB on Windows CE Core
9. 512 MB Flash memory
10. User-accessible micro SD memory slot
11. 1.2 m / 4.0 ft drop resistance to concrete; Gorilla Glass II scan window on laser models
12. IP54 protection class

For more details about Memor X3 specification, please visit:

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Motorola MC9190-G Mobile Computer is Rugged and Powerful.

The Motorola MC9190-G has a higher resolution display, better scanning performance and more scanning options than its predecessors. The next evolution in the highly successful MC9000 Series gives your workers the ability to process information and take action quickly and accurately, even in the harshest of environments.

Key features:

1. The most advanced mobile operating systems.
2. Powerful microprocessor designed for mobility.
3. The memory to support any application.
4. Works on any wireless LAN.
5. The most advanced Bluetooth functionality.
6. Make sure only authorized users access your devices, your data and your network.
7. Motorola MAX Data Capture for high-performance capture of literally any type of bar code.
8. Gun-style ergonomics for ease of use and user comfort.
9. Easy global remote management of your devices – and their accessories.

For more information, please visit:

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Looking for Barcode Label Printers?

Gamma Solutions offers an extensive range of barcode printers for any environment or application. Whether you're seeking a fixed or desktop bar code printer, a mobile label or receipt printer, or RFID printers, whether it is an Intermec, Datamax, O’Neil or Zebra barcode printer, Gamma Solutions has the configuration suitable for your business. You'll also find a variety of software packages on premises or in the cloud to tie it all together and provide you with first-class printing solution.

For more information, please visit:

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Five Reasons RFID is Ready for Primetime

It’s been more than 10 years since the term “RFID” burst into the public lexicon. Looking back at where we’ve come from and where we are today, RFID is clearly ready for prime time. Here are five reasons why, originally published by Motorola Solutions.

1. The buzz about RFID has subsided.

When all you hear is how important a technology will be, then it likely still has a lot to prove. RFID has become a standard component of system solutions. Customers investigating RFID no longer ask what it is and how it works. Rather, they talk about business problems and how to apply the technology to solve them.

2. RFID has become an accepted tool in the toolbox.

RFID is now routinely applied alongside complementary technologies like wireless, Bluetooth, bar code scanning and ERP systems. It is integrated into solutions like IT asset tracking, file management, specimen tracking, retail inventory management, and more. Many users who benefit from these solutions don’t even know they incorporate RFID. And yes, that is a good thing … it means RFID just works.

3. The RFID toolbox is big.

Today’s RFID offers an extensive variety of options and capabilities to deliver real problem-solving flexibility. Need long-range tracking in the field? Try an active RFID system. Want a cost-effective system for tracking assets on a loading dock? Use a UHF-based portal system with passive tags. Managing a retail store shoe inventory? Apply RFID labels to your inventory and cycle count with a handheld RFID mobile computer.

4. The tools just keep coming.

RFID reader and tag form factors continue to evolve – extending the benefits to more industries, applications and environments. From accessories that transform handheld mobile devices into RFID readers, to overhead reading solutions that make full automation possible – businesses are finding it easier than ever to find the right tool for the right problem at the right time in the right place.

5. And the tools keep getting better.

RFID industry standards now ensure a level of interoperability and performance that reduces your investment risk. Today’s RFID can be wireless, rugged, sleek – even virtually invisible behind walls and ceilings. Not only are RFID readers, tags and software applications more compact, more powerful, and easier to use, but they are also more affordable, higher quality and higher performing.

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Intermec PW50 Mobile Workboard Printer is the Perfect Complement for CN3/3e, CN4/4e, and CN70/70e Mobile Computers.

Designed specifically for use with Intermec CN3/3e, CN4/4e, and CN70/70e mobile computers, the PW50 four-inch mobile workboard printer provides a convenient, integrated solution for DSD and field service applications. With its integrated DEX communications, fast print speed, Bluetooth connectivity, and optional integrated smart card and magnetic stripe readers, the PW50 provides everything the mobile worker needs to process transactions quickly and easily.

Key features:

1. Convenient, integrated solution simplifies use in both portable and vehicle mount applications.
2. Optimized for DSD, Home Delivery and Field Service applications.
3. Integrated DEX communications allows easy connectivity to in-store computer system.
4. Optional magnetic stripe and smart card readers.
5. Patented power management maximizes battery life.
6. High-speed electronics and high-voltage battery deliver fast print speeds.
7. Standard communications includes Bluetooth® and serial.

For more information, please visit:

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Rugged Mobile Computers for Tough Environments

Rugged mobile computers are ideal for field mobility applications that demand a compact form factor with no compromise on ruggedness. They provide support for today’s more processing intensive, elegant and intuitive applications.

Some featured products:

1. Intermec CK71
2. Intermec CN70/ CN70e
3. Intermec 70 Series RFID
4. Psion RT15
5. Motorola MC9090-G
6. Motorola MC9200
7. Motorola MC75A Series

For more information about how rugged mobile computers can help you in the toughest environment, please visit:

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Employ Barcodes to Identify Non-Permanent Workers

Here is an interesting article from The Age.

CASUAL workers at a warehouse in Melbourne's west are being required to wear - and pay for - armbands identifying them as non-permanent staff.

The armbands contain employee numbers on barcodes and must be used to obtain scanning equipment needed for their work. Permanent workers at the Sunshine warehouse do not have to wear the armbands.

For more information on how barcodes can help you in the warehouse, please visit:

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The Intermec CK71 is the Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer.

Balancing cost control with customer satisfaction requires true supply chain agility. Delivering on that vision requires your staff to be equally agile, with the ability to react to every situation quickly, confidently and accurately. However, finding the optimal rugged mobile business solution to achieve supply chain agility can often present another balancing act: satisfying the needs and preferences of operations management, users and IT, without trade-offs and sacrifices. Intermec is the first to offer a no-compromise solution with the CK71 ultra-rugged mobile computer.

Key features:

1. 31% smaller and lighter than leading devices in the ultra rugged class.
2. Industry’s fastest and farthest imaging engines delivering superior motion tolerance and barcode read range.
3. Exceptional peripheral support and quick change snap-on accessories provide versatility for every distribution environment.
4. On-board diagnostics and INcontrol Managed Services provide device health visibility.
5. Advanced power and battery management technologies extend device run time and reduce expense of replacement batteries.
6. Dual band 802.11n radio for pervasive wireless coverage.

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Gamma Solutions Offers Barcode Equipments Repair

Gamma Solutions will help you integrate the latest state of the art data collection and radio frequency technologies into your business operations.

We know that you are busy running your business. That is why we will work around your schedule. We will create a virtual system in our offices. This means we will simulate your installation and test the system well in advance of the commissioning date.

By relying on the experienced professionals at Gamma Solutions to assist with your project, you greatly increase the probability of optimizing your data collection systems, and everything that depends on them.

We can arrange the repair of your equipment at our service centre or we can offer you an on-site service in all major capital cities. When you call us in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney or Brisbane you talk to a Gamma Solutions service engineer who is experienced in repairing, configuring, upgrading and fitness checking your mobile infrastructure. Supported product include Intermec, PSC, Zebra and Cisco.

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We offer the best Industrial Barcode Scanners

Industrial scanners are designed to withstand the harsh realities – temperature variances, drops, dust and weather. They are feature-rich for point of service applications including light industrial, retail, and healthcare.

At Gamma Solutions, we offer a wide range of industrial scanners from Intermec, Honeywell, Budgie, and Datalogic.

For more information, please visit:

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