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Gaming and BS
Podcast where two guys, BS, talk about gaming & geekery
Podcast where two guys, BS, talk about gaming & geekery

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Happy New Year

Brett and I just wanted to wish you a happy new year. We hope you game your asses off in the next year!

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A small mixup with the date. This was ready to go yesterday, but Sean says technology is hard.

About getting creative with spell casting!

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Creative spell casting could be a synergy of spells. Casting grease down a hallway and then a flame-based spell to light it on fire. Brett mentions someone casting climb walls to better pick pocket an NPC. These are just a couple examples of how spell…

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+Monte Cook Games Seminar Recorded at +Gamehole Con 2016
Recorded at Gamehole Con 2016, a tabletop gaming convention held in Madison, Wisconsin, this bonus episode features Monte Cook and Shanna Germain from Monte Cook Games. This is the unedited seminar that they hosted. 

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Happy Turkey Day!

Also known as Thanksgiving...we express what we are thankful for. For Brett and I, it's being part of a great hobby with great people playing great games. And most of that greatness is because of YOU.

We not only hope you have a great holiday here in the US, but anywhere in the world! I'm sure +Brett B  would throw you a giant turkey leg if you were sitting at the Thanksgiving table!

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Bonus BS - Marc Miller seminar from Gamehole Con
Recorded at Gamehole Con 2016, this bonus episode features Marc Miller. Marc is the person behind the 40 year old role-playing game Traveller. We want to thank Marc for allowing us to record his seminar.

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We discus our Gamehole Con experience.

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Brett and Sean attended the popular tabletop gaming convention, Gamehole Con, in Madison, Wisconsin. A gaming convention that occurred the first weekend of November, the year was 2016. We talk about the games we ran and the crazy good fun we had, the best…

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110, Traps in Role-playing Games
Traps in role-playing games, they’re used for a variety of reasons as a GM, but player characters can also setup traps to ensnare their foes. There is the popular mechanical trap as well as the social trap, “aha! We’ve got you now!” Brett shares a funny…

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Organizations in RPG’s, inspired by community member Sgt Pemberfoot, we talk about the roles of cults, sects, clubs, fraternities, sacred orders and what you can do with them. Want to build your own? We talk about the elements that make up an organization…

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This week's episode, Side Quests!

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Side quests, how do they fit in to the grand scheme of the story, or does it? What if the party is sent on a side quest, but it doesn’t serve a purpose? 

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Huh, didn't cross post to the community. :-(
Evil games, or allowing your players to play evil characters. According to Sean, all players are evil. Well, to some degree. Many people may say that alignment/good/evil are all relative. Have you ran an evil group of player characters through adventures?…
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