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It's official! We are more than 1 Million Followers Strong on Google+! Join in the celebration for a chance to win a 16GB Nexus 7:

Get to it, good luck, & Thank You from your friends at Gameloft!
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So 1 million people and you're only giving away 1 $200 tablet?!? You're winning!
When I submit my name and e-mail I get 404 Not Found

The page or post you were looking for is missing or has been removed. :'(
Don't worry, +Jeyson Lopes! The likelihood of you winning is so astronomically low, anyway, you'd have a better change winning a fight against a bear than this sweepstakes.
Try again. Their servers are over loaded right now.
So when you gona fix the many many issues on DH3???
Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method. :(
Seems to be fixed now. I got one in after reloading the page.
Hi All, the form should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience and let us know if you have any trouble entering. Good Luck! :]
Congrats Gamloft on 1 million followers, can't wait to see your next gen games later this year.
I hope I win because I usually never win things like this.
I'm not sure if i accidently submit my email more than once. I tought it didn't submit because the inputfields got red.. later i realized that there was a little message showing "successfully submitted". hopefully i'm not disqualified.

Good luck everybody ;)
Wow! I like this one, please some one get me this nexus 7 please.............................
+Gameloft I'm on my phone using Dolphin Browser HD and when I click submit I get an error.
+Gameloft tried on firefox mobile also with the same result. Also anyone saying no chance to win... You have to be in it to win it and everyone has the same chance as the next :-)
404 error after pushing the submit button, good work.
Hi All, if you're still having issues with the form, try entering on desktop and see if that fixes the issue.
I have a huge choice : buy an iPad or win a Nexus 7. Good job Gameloft.
am glad dat i will  be winner for sure :)
hmm 1 out of 1,000,000 better chances than getting a trucker stop hamburger without getting food poisoning.
+Gameloft can you tell me why I must be on wifi in order to perform updates in DH3?? Really is the most annoying thing I've ever seen in a game 
gente como lleno el formulario que no se porque yo lo quiero tambien porque no tengo celular
nose tengo un te lefono un poco de bajo recuso  pero me gustaria  partisipar
I accidentally entered the sweepstakes before I followed this page so I entered again after I followed. I hope that doesn't disqualify me.
I'am an avid follower of g+ &gameloft
I am so ready to win "SOMETHING"! I so hope that I win this...
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