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It strikes when you least expect it...

+1 & share if this has ruined your day before!
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oh my god you read my mind thats happened a million times
nope cuz i carry my charger with me if i know i am gonna be away from the house for long period of time
boo Jay
This ruins my day, everyday.
ruins my day 6 times a day
im allways like WTF cell phone dont die yet i still need to call my girlfreind!
I don't have this issue very often, perhaps people just need to treat their battery better and not leave apps open all the time.
damnit!!!! Make fones with longer batteries!!!! : P
Yaknow... I been feeling a bit run down today. scares me so much when I write something on laptop PC or when I play a game with
OMG! Really, I get terrified seeing this in my mobile when I'm in midst of a call
Whats that... i wouldn't understand ...
wat does that mean battery low or something
my friends battery always goes im gonna show this to her :)
This ruins my day... while on the charger... then it re-ruins my day after I take it off the charger...

tin----cans-n----yarn 2012
Just get a hand crank flash light-am/fm/weatherband radio and USB charger.
I hate it when I turn on my psp then I suddenly find I have only 1 bar >:(
yes it has at the zoo i was taking pics and it died i was soo mad
I don't have a stupid iPhone so I can easily carry a spare battery when I need it, or buy an upgrade high capacity battery. So no. Not a problem.
If you can't take out your battery and replace it, you're doing it wrong.
RAWWWR --- Just posted on this... Too funny!
A good os doesn't require battery changes. A full charge lasts me all day.
Yes it has, after about two weeks of not charging. 
+Faraday Defcon ... I hope I never mistakenly step on your shoes or cut you off in traffic... wouldn't want a death curse on my feet or car °_°

note to self: be nice to Faraday Defcon
+Jessie Zeilman our whole spring break! Started off with the zoo and ended with Sea World! I really wanted more pictures of Shamu, LOL.
It ruined my days much more a year ago when I ran BTRFS without fsck tools on my primary machine. Yes, it ruined my day really bad once.
betry lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Uh to the Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It made me miss some very important calls today :)
When civilization will arrive to android?
Dima Kleiman - You should be iFan lol:)
Dude, between Order and Chaos, and Modern Combat 3....I always have my charger with me, Lol. Glued to your games.....@_@ GAMELOFT!!!!
dat makes me sad. it appears on the ipad whenever im in the middle of a texting session :(
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