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Great Scott! There’s a new car in Asphalt 6: Adrenaline for #iPad ! What do you think will happen when this DeLorean reaches 88 miles per hour?

Download the latest update & test out the flux capacitor:
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OK not for android? Wtf?? I love that car and don't like ipad so am I out of luck? Come on android needs this .. or u can just give us the real back to the future DMC lol
Hey this looks like fun, hope its on Google Play!
....Ok, now get this beauty over to Android....Gesh, what are you waiting for good people? Lol
Once again, put it in Android too!!!! @_@ Come on...pwwweeeaassseee...
Hello guys,

Sorry for the delayed response. No, we don't hate Android users, many of our important games are or will be made available on Android too. That being said, I will forward your suggestions toour team of developers, and depending on the work load, they will take a look on your requests.
+Gameloft I think most of the asphalt users are from android... so please... we will see if really you hear our requests in a upcoming update... I love this car too and obviously I´d like get it on my android smartphone greetings from méxico 
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