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Doom 3 BFG Virtual Reality Interview - Carmack speaks! The master of Doom talks virtual reality like only he can. -
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+Martin Bailey Check your Soundsystem! i got Studio Monitor-Speakers and all is fine! the Music is not to loud and i understand all and i am German! The Problem is not to the Video, the Problem is at ur Soundsystem / Speakers settings i think.
Didn't know I need special hardware to hear someone talking... anyway if you concentrate enough, you can hear him... but I still find background music while talking should be quieter
My speakers play the music or sound exactly the way he is. The music is not too loud, believe me. When the maximum volume would be 10 then I would put the music to 3 or 4 and to speak Carmacks to 8 or 9! Is there something wrong there. But no matter, and even a nice day
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