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Who's the best video game sidekick of all time?
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I want to add another candidate- Agro (Shadow of the Colossus) horse
Luigi no question.  No one has been more down for their homie than Luigi.  They do "Shrooms" together, go down sewer pipes together, and they even still play dress up with bee costumes, frog costumes, etc, together.  What team of heroes have a tighter bond than that?
I have never played the fun of it, sorry!
Midna, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - she's AMAZING, and Is part of one of the best surprises of this game!!
Garrus, Mass Effect series, hands down.
HK-47; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Ghost (from call of duty modern warfare 2)
Clank from rachet and clank ('cause he eventually becomes ruler of the great clock, which can come in handy)
anyone remember spanx from the game whiplash?
He was a weasel. It was just 1 of those corny games from back in the day
Kevin Y
Cortana - Halo
Tali'Zorah Mass Effect series! 
 Woods, Frank - Call Of Duty : Black Ops
luke from the professor layton series
Garrus Vakarian (he qualifies right?)
hmmmm....., probably curly from cave story, wheatly from portal 2, or your partner from the pokemon mystery dungeons explorers of... series
cortana may not be a sidekick but she is awesome
If you like the pokemon mystery dungeons: explorers of... series, then add me
The blob from "A Boy And His Blob"
I have to agree with maddie on the brain rot
البته ببخشید اگه انگلیسیم خوب نیست!
Leonardo Da Vinci (Assassins Creed 2,Brotherhood and Revelations)
Fi from Skyward sword, always been with the hero since the first Link from the sky. 
Josh N
Steve from minecraft
Having to stick with Miles "Tails" Prower on this one folks.
Jamie C
luigi or kazooie
Most fail. I can't think of any good ones right now.
robbin in batman arkham city harly quins revenge
Lee H
Companion cube all the way
Miles Prowler "Tails"
parkarry from paper mario
Macy G.
Uhhh......? Idk too many! O.o
Conpanion Cube is so awesome that they win everything!
if there isnt then i would say the arbitor from halo three.
Either Darth Nihilus or Darth Sion (apprentices to Darth Traya)
AkuAku the mask in Crash Bandicoot that follows you around and prevents you from dying... clearly. 
Sparx the dragonfly from every Spyro game
Pvt. Polanski from COD: World at World
obviously luigi but my favorite is falco from any starfox games
The Sidekick from Tony Hawk XD
Wait........ scatch that Frank West from DR2 : Case West.
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