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How cool are these Retro Reality photos?! Which one is your favorite?

All credit (and props) to MayorGoldyWilson:
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I liked all the ones with Advance Wars! Also the skyscraper one was cool.
gta rex
Esta Ree piolaa jajjaa
that's neat
add me to your circles people!!!!!!!!!
ENOUGH... I soo like this picture!
thank you for the lovely comments about the monstrosity in my backyard
Nicely done!!! I like the Ken vs. E.Honda from Street Fighter.
EPIC how do you make these!?! Photoshop?
This game was so cool and I love the background
That's epic. I love the look on that frog's face, but I gotta say my favorites are the monkeys.
I remember that game. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
My favorite song is the athletic theme.
Yoshi's Island was my fav Mario game to play in single player. Then my game console fried. I miss my SuperNintendo.
this would make want to outside more!
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