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"How did we get by all this time without this amazing gem of a utility?" PC Gamer
"How did we get by all this time without this amazing gem of a utility?" PC Gamer

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"It's here... Kinda!
v4.0.054.0 [Prototype] is out!
Remember, it's a Prototype still; handle with care!"

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"Since our last progress report, there's been quite a few changes.
First and foremost, we've more or less started from scratch... Again. Why? Well everything is much more neatly coded and optimised (now I'm much more familiar with C#). It's also allowed us to redesign the UI, which neither myself nor Gekz were fully impressed by."

Progress report; v4.0.009.0 Prototype

It's been a while since we last spoke about GameSave Manager v4.x
This is primarily to do with some health issues I had, which made it impossible to do anything (nevermind concentrate on coding). After I recovered, myself and Gekz found it difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Well anyway, I've been slowly developing v4.x on and off. Not a fantastic amount has changed since our last News Article, well not that you'd really notice.

The main focus was trying to get some UAC compatibility going on. To address this, we're now using a Windows Service to do stuff that requires elevated permissions (such as file associations).

Due to the Windows Service being implemented, we've also added a 'setup' system (install and uninstall). This will also help with the many users who contact us, not understanding on what to do with the archive they download.
I know some of you liked the portability of v3.x, so this'll likely be a little annoying. We'll look into a way of implementing some sort of 'portable' launcher in the future for you. For now, we'll focus on the installer branch.

Anyway, the most recent version (v4.0.009.0 Prototype) can be downloaded from here (remember, this is just for testing, do not rely on it to make backups) -
As usual, please post your feedback in the Discussion Thread over at our forums.


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First ever publicly available v4.0 Prototype is now available!

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Log System (Not Final)

There will be a Steam event in an hours time. Here is some details on the event (Direct copy and paste)

"Howdy all, Today we'll be playing around with the latest prototype build.

This prototype does not do any backups what so ever. This is simply a scanning tool at the current stage which would give you a rough idea on the direction Version 4 is heading and to give you a feel of what to expect.
In short, it's an extremely early prototype and should be treated as such.

Sticking to the focus of the prototype please keep all feedback related to this build. What do you like about it, what do you hate about it, what could be changed? Explore it, Break it, Mess around with it. 

To access the backup page just click the {MENU} button, followed by {StandardBackup}. (~712 KB zip archive)"

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GameSave Manager v4.0 you say?

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Made some improvements that I think you guys might like.
This is all very very early prototyping and learning.

I would of done a side by side comparison. But, the speed and my excitement got the best of me that I just had to show you guys the work that Matt has achieved so far.

This is a FULL System Scan using the latest database update available at time of recording.
Oh and it's in real time.

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An issue with the 'Save Removal' feature has been reported.

Until this issue is resolved, it's highly recommended that you don't use said feature.

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v3.1.442.0 Released! Steam Spreader fixes, Wow6432Node key fixes and UAC improvements. 
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