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GameOn will become Berlin's largest multimedia entertainment centre
GameOn will become Berlin's largest multimedia entertainment centre

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Next part in our series, here we test-run a new version of DisneyQuests's CyberSpace Mountain

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We really do like receiving deliveries :-)

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Okay, the story of virtual pig riding in Japan you can tell to anybody even in 10 years. Therefore we get down to basics:

In Japan, in 2004, the famous action-RPG "Monster Hunter" appeared, which took Japan like storm, very much like the "Gothic" series in Germany. How popular was it in Japan? Let's just say that out of 20 million copies sold worldwide, 17 million copies were sold in Japan!

Therefore they came up with the idea of creating a spin-off to Monster World, an arcade racing simulator, which has characteristics similar to Mario Kart. Here, instead of various wheelers "Poogies" are used as cuddly mounts. These are small pets that can be tamed with Monster Hunter and which represent virtually the mascots of the Monster Hunter series. The crazy thing about it: You don’t control the pig of your choice with a controller or a classic arcade stick, but with a Poogie figure (which works similar to a rail gun controller). The faster you teeter the pig in either direction, the faster it rides in the respective direction. But beware! The faster the Poogie runs, the harder you can control the ride. What seemed to be a total joke in the beginning, turned out to be a personal tip. So if you are visiting Japan, you have to find such an arcade and dare a ride! Lucky Poogie quest!

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Why support GameOn Berlin, even though you're not a Berliner? (or: a little gaming guide through Berlin)

Today every second German is a gamer. Did you know that? Surprised? For sure that’s also a reason why in our mailbox we're always asked, why Berlin, why not elsewhere. In this context many places were mentioned, meanwhile we could name at least 2 cities in any part of Germany in which you wanted us to open a GameOn Centre.

Of course we would simply love to fulfill all your wishes at once, but we have to start someplace. And Berlin definitely is worth a trip, even if you live in London, Paris, Rome, Prague... (or anywhere else for that matter!)

For starters, Berlin is cheap digs. Not just only food (big pizza for 2.50 Euros? No problem!), but it even starts with the journey. With one of the many bus routes e.g. from Köln to Berlin for only 13 Euro, hardly any distance costs over 20 Euros. Even by train you can travel for loosey-goosey 29 Euros, if you don’t need to travel at a holiday. Or, simply by carpooling, a road trip with friends is fun and won’t cost a fortune – at least with a smaller car. A nights’ stay also is quite reasonable, from hostels for less than 10 euros a night in a shared room, budget 1-2 star around 40 euros, and even 3-4 stars are seldom more expensive than 60 euros per room per night. Or have all the comforts of home with 9flats or AirBnB and meet some lovely new people in the meantime.

Berlin is not only culturally worth a visit, but it's actually is a gamer city, too! First point of interest here is the Computer games museum, which lets not only the retro fan’s hearts beat faster, with its many rare original exhibits, playable classics and media stagings. Next stop is the GameScienceCenter, an exhibition building for innovative and interactive technics - here you can test the newest inventions in the field of computer interaction by yourself.

For those who like group action it’s recommended in any case to participate in a survival game. EXIT is an action-packed and thrilling team game, in which you have to solve riddles through creativity in a chemical lab, or in a hacker pension, in order to fulfil a common mission – even in battle mode. At TRAP Berlin the game proceeds more in a military setting; one has to defuse a time bomb by solving puzzles. Pure fun plus a good and proper amount of adrenalin are guaranteed!

Whoever prefers to go out exploring should inspect the bunkers under Berlin. At Lasertag, for example, you can prove your tactical abilities. Something completely out of this world is the C-Base space station, worth a visit in any case, and not only when one of their many gaming events take place!

End the day with a few drinks and join in the game or simply watch? Even this will be provided! In the Interface bar in Berlin-Moabit you can play table, card or console games really comfortably, watch eSports broadcasting and participate in all kinds of tournaments (FIFA 15, Worms Armageddon, MarioKart 64, and much more). Cocktails are available from only 4 Euro. Whoever prefers pure ESL-tournaments is also in good hands in the Meltdown bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg, one of the most happening parts of Berlin.

So you see, it is worth it in any case to visit Berlin for a gamer weekend, when we open up next year! And then you'll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner ;-) We look forward to welcoming you, see you soon!

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And we thought we really had seen the most of the offbeat arcade games. Nevertheless, we'll try to describe this rather interesting one: With "Pu-Li-Ru-La" we have a "get the bad guys" children’s world of a very special kind: As a funny walking "happy guy" you have to rescue the world from the evil smiling villain, who has stopped time. Using your magic wand, you transform the ugly evil opponents into tiny puppies and other small cuddly creatures and by doing this you save the world. And the whole thing even happens in totally crazy missions, we really can’t describe easily! Have a look for yourself.

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Who is not familiar with this? As you sit comfortably in front of the game console or the PC and just have a bite to eat. Suddenly the SWAT raids your living room and destroys your apartment.

Well, well – I admit, the last part may fit not so well into the picture, when you don’t live in USA. But there some pranksters who make it their hobby at times, to "SWAT" good working streamers. All this proceeds like a bell prank getting out of hand: The police receives a bomb threat or they say they hear shots in street X. Then the SWAT commando vacates the entire studio. Therefore you can be lucky if you are just a small private streamer and you are not very well known in America! One of these examples you can see in the case of "bomber" Kootra.

The Creatures (Kootra) got SWAT Raided (SWATTED) #FreeKootra2014

OK, we are now dealing with some crazy ideas: The MOBA-fever is going on in Japan for quite a while now. Therefore it was obvious that various versions similar to "League of Legends" or "Dota 2" would appear soon. That will happen for sure, but differently than expected: "Wonderland Wars" is a Moba-Arcade, which is scheduled to land next year on the Japanese market. Not much is known about the game quite yet, but the alignment to various other MOBAs is unmistakable!

20140831 Wonderland Wars testplay game 1

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Pokkén – In German it sounds like a contagious desease (smallpox) – but it isn’t: Imagine Tekken with Pokémons as fierce fighters!

Pokken is a fighting game of a special kind, where you control a Pokémon directly in combat, and that with the foot-hand combos we know from Tekken. How all this will go down leaves a lot of room for interpretation: in the you gameplay footage you see how a has Pokemon evolved by means of a special attack, and then deals more damage. Maybe a whole new fighting genre has been born, not to mention its craziness and the incredible fun factor (Soulcalibur says hello).

And that actually seems to be no joke, to the delight of all Pokemon fans. And honestly, who didn’t always want to beat a wild Jigglypuff! Pokkén is planned for now to be released as an arcade machine in Japan only. Let's hope it comes also to Europe soon!

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Gamers Stream for the Dream of a GameCenter! Today: Vasky

Who of you is streaming games or would like to do so? One of our supporters is a so called streamer and has agreed to paint the PvP areas in World of Warcraft red for us!

Vasky is not unknown in the scene: On his server many endbosses went down the first time by his sword, as a leader he guided his team to "Hero of the Horde S9", he got into the World Top 5 Rated Battleground Groups and since "The Call of the Crusade" his raid has defeated all World top 30 bosses, even some of the top 10 in Europe.

You can watch him play on his Twitch channel every evening here, just to get a rough idea about PvP in the WoW generation. Additionally you can get a glimpse into the new Moba game "Heroes of the Storm". Have fun watching!

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