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PPC Services, Google Adwords Company Delhi
PPC Services, Google Adwords, Digital Agency, Website Design and Development
PPC Services, Google Adwords, Digital Agency, Website Design and Development


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Use Smart Goals, powered by Google Analytics, to optimize in AdWords.
The easiest way to think about Smart Goals is that they reflect your website visits that Google's model indicates are most likely to lead to conversions.
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Google is Introducing automated extension for shopping ads (PLAs)

Google shopping (PLA) campaign: retiring promotional text at the end of September 2015 and start surfacing automated extensions more frequently instead.

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Technical Support Campaign DO, DON’T DO

1.    Develop a static website with unique content.
2.    Website who-is details should have the local address of that same location where you are providing the support.
3.    Website IP should also point to the same location where you provide support.
4.    Mention local address and phone number where you provide support.
5.    Website should have disclaimer on each page, at the start of the content.
6.    Disclaimer should be in bold text and should be clearly visible.
7.    Your website should not contain any brand name trademarks and copyright images.
8.    Contact us page should contain the location map. Contact address should be local too.

Specimen of landing page:

9.    Your website should have the contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions and refund policy link on each page.
10.    Your website should mention the process you are going to implement on the user machine.
11.    It should mention that you are providing remote support and charges for the service. Plans should be clearly mentioned on each page.
12.    You should provide one simple how-to tutorial on each page of the service you provide.
13.    You should not use the toll-free number more than twice in each page.
14.    The toll-free font size should not exceed the font size of the heading text.
15.    Create Google webmasters account using same mail ID.
16.    Make your ad words campaign with the same Gmail account that you used before to verify the website.
17.    Adwords billing address should be of the same country for which you are running the process.
18.    You should use the same IP address for creating the account which you used while creating your website. (It should be local IP for ex. If you are providing support for US your IP address should be a US based).
19.    Make sure you have a local credit card for creating Adwords account. Suppose you are creating an Adwords campaign remotely from India for US tech process then you cannot use your Indian credit card.
20.    You should never use any brand name on your ad title or description.
21.    Add toll free number in call extension settings.

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Taking a Closer Look at Google In-Market vs. Affinity Audiences.
An In-Market Audience is composed of folks who are actively searching and comparing your product/service.

Affinity targeting analyzes someone’s overall interests, passions, and lifestyle to get a better sense of their overall identity.
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Google announced a new feature in Google Webmaster tools for tracking mobile usability issues which Google has found with your website to keep you informed of issues mobile users might be seeing across your website. It includes graphs that look at issues over time, so you can see any progress you’ve made.
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Why Callout function is important in Google adwords?
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10 Reasons to Hire a PPC Management Expert
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Cost effective real time customer chat support outsourcing service by Galore Technology. We manage your customer service.
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Power of social media optimization in 2014.
 at #GaloreTechnology, A premium #SocialMediaOptimization firm
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