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ICU nurse, metal head, political junkie, *single father*, *cancer survivor*. I don't do negativity or anger because life's too short.
ICU nurse, metal head, political junkie, *single father*, *cancer survivor*. I don't do negativity or anger because life's too short.

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" I did not collude! "

So Jared Kushner (R-Sellout) released a statement amending his earlier denials and amendment regarding the Russians. First it was he didn't meet with any wait, he met with them once, no, it's four times. Oh, and the statement went on to say, "I did not collude" (I think I just found a new R- tag for #KushnerTheCreamPuff).

That sounds an awful lot like Richard Nixon's, "I am not a crook". And I'll just drop the mic right there... 😂

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Teh Donald has a sad 😩. #Twitler, the #VulgarTalkingYam complained that Congressional #ReichWingDouchebags weren't "protecting" him. Democratic Rep, Ted Lieu put #AgentOrange in his place and then the rest of Twitter exploded on #Dolt45.

Anything that makes the #NuclearCheeto have a bad day makes mine a great day! So keep on having many more sads #tRump; they're good for my health! 😂🤣 

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There are soooo many things wrong with this lady's story that it stinks worse than a three day old cattle corpse laying out in full Texas heat and sun. 🤢

She was a liberal who was a Bernie supporter and then switched to #tRump? I don't buy that for a nanosecond. Then, she was afraid to vote for #AgentOrange because she was afraid she'd be labeled as a racist, after being seen wearing a #tRump t-shirt. Not a chance. And she is just now selling...I mean telling...yeah, telling her story on #FauxNuz? All these months after the election? Right. To borrow a phrase from "Wayne's World", "Cha, and monkeys might fly out my butt!" 😂🤣

And she's selling...damn, sorry, telling her story on Jesse Watters' show no less. A racist and noted misogynistic pig, by the way. Yeah, there's just NO WAY this is bogus... 🙄🙄🙄

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OK. Now this is just really off the rails. #OrangeFoolius, #OurDearLeader, the #NuclearCheeto, #ElCaudilloDelMar-A-Lago, Donald J. #tRump (R-Ferret-Wearing-Shitgibbon) was at the CEREMONIAL (emphasis mine) commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford, when he got political. 😵 He told a crowd of 6500 people to call Congress and demand #AgentOrange's request for an extra $54 billion in military spending be fulfilled.

Now here's where it gets FUBAR'd (fucked up beyond all recognition). The crowd wasn't just civilians. There were military personnel, officers and general staff present. As commander-in-chief, this could technically be construed as an order. And the military is supposed to completely apolitical.

The #ToxicTangerine has opened what could be a YUUUGE can of worms. And if they get loose, it might be impossible to put them back in. So #Dolt45 (probably unwittingly) has really stepped in a stinking pile of shit. 🙄

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I guess the truth hurts a bit, eh #FauxNuz?😂🤣 I absolutely love it!

If the statement, "not racist. But number one with racists" bugs you, then you clowns have to recognize who your core audience is. You just don't want the general public to know.

Well, screw you #FauxNuz. Your owner, #RupertMurdochIsScum and having the truth told about you is the least of what you deserve!


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You know that when I agree with anything that "Just 'John Ellis Bush' Bush" (R-BFEE) says, then the world has turned massively upside down. 😵😲😱

The #GenitaliaObsessedParty has gone so far off the reservation (they've long since been off the reservation, but they're way deep in the woods, now), that #LowEnergyEllis has called out Congressional #RepubliCons for not holding #AgentOrange accountable. He even said they'd be in a constant outrage if Obama had contacted the Russians like the #NuclearCheeto did. He basically called them out as #Hypocrites. 😂🤣

I'm loving it!

#EvilGOPBastards #ReligioNuts #ReichWingFlyingMonkeys #KlanBaggers #GOPFail #GOPTreason #GOPStupidity #GOPCriminals #Sheeple #ReichWingDouchebags 

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Lolz. So #HandjobHannity (R-Faux Nuz Douche) has a sad😩😭. He was all set to get an award names after William F. Buckley, Jr., when Buckley's son intervened to keep #HandjobHannity from getting it. See Mr. Buckley didn't want #HandjobHannity getting a "media excellence" award that had his dad's name on it, because well, #HandjobHannity.

The outfit that was going to give the award was then going to let #HandjobHannity try to save face by letting him claim to have a "scheduling conflict", but then Jake Tapper got ahold of all of it and reported it on CNN. So now, as I said above #HandjobHannity has a sad 😩😭😭😭😭.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving sleaze bag. Unless it had been #BillOliely (R-Falafel Master). 😂😂😂😂

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Whoops! Whether the #ToxicTangerine threw the #AlabamaDwarf, Jeffahson Bohreegahd Sessions Tha Thuhrd (R-KKK) under the bus with the release of the intercepts, or they came from elsewhere, the Confederate General-wannabe is in deep shit.

If #tRump did it, it's definitely a set up for #ElfOnAShelfsEvilTwin to be fired. It also shows that #Dolt45 demands loyalty but will NEVER give it. In fact, he's more than likely to stab his people in the back.

If someone else did, well, a firing could be the same outcome. But one thing is for sure: Either way, these prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bohreegahd committed PERJURY during his Senate testimony. Jeffy committed a felony. 😂

Oh, the irony... 

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Just when you thought #Dolt45 couldn't possibly say anything dumber than he already has, he hits a new level of idiocy. The #VulgarTalkingYam has no idea what health insurance is, nor how it work nor what it costs. He said people pay $12 per year starting at age 21 and they get a nice plan...when they're 60! What the fuck? 😵😂

#AgentOrange seems to be confusing health insurance with those stupid life insurance plans you see advertised on late night cable. You know, like "Hi, this is Alex Trebek for Colonial Penn Life Insurance...", ads that are ubiquitous on cable (I'm sure they're all over #FauxNuz, simply because of the average age of their viewers). So the #ToxicTangerine sees those and in his dementia addled brain, confuses what little he knows about health insurance (because, let's face it, he's NEVER had to have it) and what he sees on those TV ads. #tRumpFuck 

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So in the same interview with the NYT where #OurDearLeader, the #NuclearCheeto, #ElCaudilloDelMar-A-Lago, Donald J. #tRump (R-Ferret-Wearing-Shitgibbon) threw his AG, the #AlabamaDwarf, Jeffahson Bohreegahd Sessions Tha Thuhrd (R-KKK) under the bus, #AgentOrange basically threatens Robert Mueller. #Dolt45 said that investigating his personal or family finances is off limits for Mueller.

Bwahahaha! Mueller is empowered to go wherever the evidence leads him. If it goes to #tRump finances, then Mueller will follow the evidence...or money, as the case may be. So the #ToxicTangerine can basically go screw himself as far as Mueller is concerned. Try to fire him, and then #Dolt45 will definitely be looking at obstruction of justice charges.

But hey, go right on ahead, #OrangeFoolius. Make some more stupid statements and dumbass moves. An orange jumpsuit might just match your orangutan-like coloration. 😂😂😂
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