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Advanced Local Citation Audit & Clean Up: Achieve Consistent Data & Higher Rankings.
Local Search Strategy For Better SEO and Rankings

1. Let's Start With The Basics: What is an Incorrect NAP?
2. How Exact Do These Citations Need to Be?
3. How Does This Happen & What Causes These?
4. Before We Start: Here are Some Important Things to Know 
5. Let's Start By Identifying Possible NAP Variations & Recording Them In the Spreadsheet
6. Quick Way to See What NAP Variations Google Already Associates with Your Business
7. Start With the Data Aggregators Before Your Manual Efforts
8. The Manual Cleanup Process
9. Finding Your Incorrect Citations
10. Which Search Operators Should You Use?
11. Once You Have Them Documented You Can Prioritize and Outreach

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via +Luis Galarza & +Anna Phommatham 
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SEO is 20% Technical and 80% Content Strategy.
Excellent Advice For Local Small Business Owners!

1. Technical SEO = 20%
2. Content Strategy = 80%

Are you focusing on the right local search strategy?...

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Build Content Marketing Authority with Great Sources.
Content Strategy And SEO Tips

1. Know Your Why!
2. Use the Resources.
3. Capture the Moments.
4. Citing Sources

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By +Luis Galarza 
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Customer service lessons learned from the (attempted) delivery of my new electric range

Dealing with customers in an intense environment can be challenging.  As a tough a situation can be, you must remain calm and professional. Keep a mind set that you are there to help your customers in need.

"The only downside of an online purchase is that you don’t know the delivery date until a day or two beforehand — in our case that made the process tricky, since we needed to hire a plumber to hook up the range, too, and plumbers are difficult to book on a day’s notice. Either the appliance delivery company and a last-minute plumbing appointment fell into place, or we would be eating microwave dinners."

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Example Of Creative Use Of Google Business View or Interactive Tours For Your Local Business!
Get your Creative Juices AND Your Traffic Flowing!

As you can see in the virtual tour or #GoogleBusinessView  below, this company put their creativity to work and made their tours way more engaging and give it a viral touch!

Here are some of the point discuss on the post:

1. Business View Marketing Advantages.
2. Some marketing stats from Google.
3. More Google Business View Inspiration
4. Related Resources.

Read more:

Thanks to +Linda Buquet 
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The Customer Is Not Always Right

Has this happened to you? What did you do?

"I love listening to everything our customers say about our self-service online marketing tools, including new features they want and changes they want to see. It only helps my business"



#customerservice #customerexperience #voiceofthecustomer #thecustomerisnotalwaysright
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Google Make Statement As Panda 4.0 Impacts PR Newswire!
Press Releases Still A Great Marketing Strategy But Not For SEO!

The important take away from this is: Whatever you do online to market your local or small business needs to first be focus on providing QUALITY to the end user, or Google is going to let you have it!. :o)

Excerpt: Jason Edelboim, senior vice president of global product at PR Newswire highlighted that they could see what Google were trying to do, saying "Google's recent action targeting low quality content in the Panda 4.0 update affirms the importance of ensuring press releases and other content distributed via PR Newswire's network are of real utility and interest to journalists and bloggers, as well as the general public."

More SEO updates at +Local Marketing Voice 
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Google have made no secret of the fact that they don't consider press releases to be within what they would consider to be good linkage and the furious flurry of free to use press release sites that have popped up over recent years on expired domains that carry PageRank seems
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Marketing Tip: Don't wait for your audience to try to fit to your product or service, instead adapt to their current needs and wants depending on their culture, behavior, and location in order to increase sales!

This is exactly what a fashion retailer named J.Crew is doing in Asia. They introduce an extra, extra, extra small size "000" to the market to increase sales, because most women over there have a 23 inch waist size.

Watch video for full story:

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Ending a Hangout on Air Broadcast properly...
There are a couple of ways to Stop the Broadcast of a HOA (Hangout on Air). The 2 screenshots here show you where you should click and what happens if you click in another OK but not optimal place to end the broadcast.

I figure it is better to show you now what may happen, than you getting surprised at the end of the show you are running. If you do choose to "Exit" instead of "Stop Broadcast" as your way to end the show, you'll be booted from the interface and will want to return quickly to say goodbye to the other filmstrip guests in the post-show greenroom.

To do that you'll need to use that HOA URL that you kept handy in case there was a problem during the broadcast, right?

Lots of little details to think about, but once you've mastered the options you can let the Technology Disappear and Focus on Your Message!

To fast track the learning process and maintain your expertise in this ever evolving tool, signup for Hangout Mastery membership. Details can be found here

Have you ever ended a show by 'exiting'?
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #HangoutMastery  
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SEO Website Audits: Everything You Need to Know Part II
What You Need Know And Why Is Not Recommended.

In this post you will learn difference between human and tool based audits and how much you expect to pay for a well done audit.

via +Galarza's Internet Marketing Services 
#seoaudit   #seo   #localsearch   #localseo   #websiteaudittips  
An in-depth look at everything you need to know about an SEO website audit.
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How to leave a Google Review using Google My Business

When Google released the #MyBusiness update, a very important feature was somehow missed. Any users that wanted to act as their business page and leave a #GoogleReview  for another local business could simply access the LOCAL listings by selecting local from the left sidebar pop out while using your Google+ page. But now, when you are using Google+ as a your business, the LOCAL option in the sidebar is absent. Now what?

In my video below, I describe a way to leave reviews for local businesses as your business page without having to leave Google+. 

I hope this helps out...
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Getting Back Links The Right Way!

via +Luis Galarza 
5 Bad Link Building Habits to Break Now

"These days, link building is no longer just about the link. It’s about soliciting a solid mention from a relevant and quality site that drives traffic and sales." 

+Casie Gillette with some solid advice here. At +Stone Temple Consulting these days we don't even talk to clients about "link building" anymore, because that term has become so associated with doing things with the only goal being to manipulate the link graph to improve search rankings.

Instead, we build strategies for our clients that move them toward creating a level of quality, value, and usefulness that earns them links and recommendations.

In her +Search Engine Land article, Casie covers some of the practices and attitudes toward links that need to be left behind:

1. Directory submissions (some, not all)
2. Generic outreach emails
3. Obsessing over PageRank
4. Keyword-specific anchor text
5. Fear (of earning links - it's not bad and there is a right way!)
For those who have been in the SEO industry for a while, you may remember the glory days of link building — you simply submitted your site/article/address/name, etc., and had 100 links within 24 hours. That sure was awesome. Unfortunately, those days are over — yet for many, bad link building habits are lingering. How […]
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This is your local web and mobile marketing specialists. We focus on helping local businesses in the area of Leominster, Fitchburg, Worcester MA, or the entire Worcester County in Massachusetts generate leads, new customers, and increase sales using digital marketing tools and strategies that include:
  1. Local SEO.
  2. Targeted lead generation.
  3. Google Places Optimization.
  4. Online marketing management.
  5. Social media management.
  6. Facebook Pages Optimization.
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  8. Facebook Apps development.
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  11. Affiliate promotions.
  12. Mobile Marketing.
  13. QR code creations.
  14. Text or SMS promotions.
  15. Mobile Advertising.
  16. GPS based submission.
  17. Mobile Website development.
  18. Link building.
  19. Mobile Apps Creations.
  20. Apps for iPhone, Android or iPads.
  21. Logo design.
  22. And much more

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Quinn Galarza's profile photo
Quinn Galarza
reviewed a year ago
I don't care how many marketing consultants are in the area Luis is in fact the best at web and mobile marketing... They build my website and mobile app very quick and for less than anyone around, he really know how to promote a local business the way you supposed to.... 2 thumbs up!....
Anna Phommatham's profile photo
Anna Phommatham
reviewed 2 years ago
I got said Luis really knows online and mobile marketing, in only a month he manage to get my site on top of search engine results for my targeting phrases, generate more than 125 leads, plus 50% of them bought my service!.. 2 Thumbs up....
A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago
I contact Luis for SEO service. After a few days, my website now ranked higher on Google search as compared to before. Since then, I start making sales from that website. Thanks Luis!
Steve Carolis's profile photo
Steve Carolis
reviewed a year ago
This is the best not just online and mobile but all type of local marketing here in the Worcester County MA. They brought my flooring service business to the web fast and now I'm getting 65% more leads than ever before. If you need SEO, local leads, social media, or mobile marketing, Luis is the person to call! I highly recommended.
A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago
Luis is the real deal, because after many failures and a few successful businesses, he had become the expert to go when it comes to marketing your company on the web. Our local news blog have been on of the top most visit sites on Leominster and Fitchburg MA for over 3 years, all thanks to Luis... His the only real expert in town, we know because we rate them...