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I have been with Android since 2009. Back then it was version 1.3 Cupcake.

A few days ago I switched to Ubuntu Touch.
The first impression is good. The UI is polished and the system is very stable.

I miss the back button but I'm starting to get the hang out of the swipe actions.

The biggest challenge is to find alternatives for all the apps I got used to on Android.

For example a good cross platform messenger that uses encryption. I used Signal on Android and although there is a TextSecure app but it does not feature push messages. :-(

By the way I'm using a 64 GB Meizu Pro 5.

#ubuntutouch #ubuntuphone  #ubuntu-phone  #meizu  
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This is unbelievable.

Deleting files from your computer without explicit consent should not be allowed with a general EULA that nobody understands anyway.

I'm happy that I moved away from Apple when OS X Lion was released.
I'm a happy Ubuntu Mate user now.

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Brit Lab explains why farting is a good thing.
Right, let's deal with the most important issues! "Is Farting Good For You?". Toot Toot! 

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What does this car have to do with Darth Vader?

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20 years in IT.
2 GB hard drive from 1996 next to 64 GB flash storage in 2016 via ‪#‎technology‬ ‪#‎storage‬ ‪#‎IT‬ ‪#‎history‬

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I can hear the sound loud and clear.
Can You Hear The Sound?

Please follow: +Creative Ideas 
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In short I liked it.

I liked the references to the original three movies.
And I liked that the special effects looked "real" and not childish like done by Lucas in the last few releases.
I didn't like the Harry Potter part (since when do light sabers have a will?) and the death planet side story was a bit dull. Again one single point of failure...

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Allot of relabeling is needed for products exported to the EU. Or not, because they don't care.

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More than meets the eye.
Best homemade Transformer costume I've ever seen
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