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Improving Search Business
Improving Search Business

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3 Simple Strategies That Open a Flood of Leads from #Email #Marketing Channel  #emailmarketing #SEO #marketingtips #Emailtips #emailmktg  

I would like share the amazing statistics of one of our email campaign.

Email Sent to : 2000 subscribers
Unsubscribed: 1
Open Rate : 57.80%
Click Rate: 13.50%
We are also expecting a higher conversion rate

We have never seen such performance in our history of working background.

I'll let you know more accurate stats with screenshot from email campaign manager tool by yesterday. #Gainandprofit #profit #emailcampaign

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The repeatable methodology that boosted one company's total number of leads.

Come to Gain&Profit for your online business marketing and management.

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"Every marketing efforts should influence a decision; if its not, its a waste."

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Project Type: Consulting, Creative Content and Outreach
Project Goal: Increase organic traffic to the domain along with number of links, social shares and conversions.
What we did: We created content that would establish as the "champion" of small businesses. This content included many interactive guides on topics such as The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics, The Small Business Guide to Twitter and The Small Business Guide to Google+.
The results:
Organic traffic increased by 45%
Significant increase in revenue from organic traffic
912 (and counting) linking root domains to the website
Increased rankings for head terms such as public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance
32% increase in Twitter following
39% increase in Facebook fans

For best results for your digital marketing campaigns, choose Gain&Profit Marketing

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There is lot of factors where your website could improve. I’ll focus on #SEO factors in this post. However after implementing SEO strategies when your site will have no SEO issues you can work on promotional strategies and more complicated marketing factors optimization for increasing #conversion,# leads or sometimes direct revenue.

Here is some of the most important SEO factor to optimize:

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Gain&Profit Marketing is going to launch its first massive #marketing campaign. It is based on marketing research and customers' behavior. Testing is successfully completed on a small scale. We are hoping the best output as it has been seen on small scale.

We will display this marketing campaign result on our  website

Thanks for the team for creating this #marketingcampaign.

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Hummingbird is the Google Search Engine

+Eric Enge covers off the effects of hummingbird, including Hummingbird is the Google search engine not just another update.

Hummingbird is a complete rewrite of the Google Search Engine

Natural language queries

The knowledge Graph

New Types of ranking signals

Predictions, Tactics and Strategies

Well worth reading

#hummingbird #seo 

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Happy new year everyone! May God give you all the pleasures, happiness, peace and prosperity. +G&P Marketing  wish you all a great year ahead!
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