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Very nice. A sign of spring, indeed.
Nice Macros. Liked this and your earlier post about the Fiddleheads. I will have to be on the lookout for these.
Thanks, I have now. Yes, you must find the Rumpole of the Bailey series - a classic, very entertaining and humorous!
+Darren Gunderson - Now is the time. You may need to know where to look, they often hide under the dried fronds of last year's growth. (I wish I knew where some asparagus was...)
+Bosque Bill - Rumpole - It's one of those things that I always meant to do. So now I guess I have to do it. I've got a week or so when SWMBO is going to be visiting her mom after a hip replacement. So I can plan Rumpole and "The Prisoner" as entertainment that week if I get on the stick and order the Rumpole.
Yes, it's time. You cannot in good conscience use the phrase without having seen the series... it's just not right!... and you will have a fun time.
+Bosque Bill - Complete series is on order and should be at my house in a week. (I don't have to care where I order DVDs anymore, I got a "world" version player from a place in Illinois that will play anything.)
This would be great for #Two4Tuesday, too! Great capture, Gailen... Love these fiddleheads...
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