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The Happiness You Seek Is Already Here
The Happiness You Seek Is Already Here

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Honored to be featured on Inspire Me Today!

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New post: A Practical Guide to Loving Your Emotions

Does your emotional life seem like a puzzle? Emotions sometimes come like a freight train and overwhelm us, or they sit just out of awareness bringing a sense of unease.

The truth is that we are so much bigger than our emotions, and they can’t begin to define our true nature. Whenever you’re experiencing emotions, there is also something that is untouched by them, something that can hold them in a vast, loving embrace.

I’ve been learning so much about emotion recently, and I’ve been finding it incredibly useful. Did you know that the brain is wired to experience emotions? And that emotions help protect us in the face of threat?

Feelings come; they’re a natural part of this human life. But their power dissolves when we meet them with love and understanding.
Are emotions challenging for you? Then let’s get practical. My newest post is called A Practical Guide to Loving Your Emotions, and you can read it here.

I’d love to hear about your experience, so feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

Running or Staying?

Our modern society teaches us to run. We are masters at avoiding, distracting, and resisting. We think that if we keep moving forward, to the world out there and away from ourselves, that we will find the peace and happiness that we long for.

This tendency feeds all kinds of problems – addictions, habits, frustration, alienation, bitterness, envy, personal inadequacy. You live in need rather than fullness, lack rather than peace and contentment.
The radical choice for all of life’s ills is to stay. Really, it’s the only sane solution. The instructions for staying are so simple: don’t do anything and simply be.

Recognize that you are aware, and center your attention in awareness. Just breathe. Let everything come and go without grabbing it or pushing it away. You're being fully loving with your own experience.

And here's what happens when you stay with what is:

*The force to carry out habits and patterns weakens. 
*You are flexible and open. 
*You notice options, insights, and clarity you haven’t had the space to see.

Eventually, you realize you are one with the totality of being and intimate with all things – right now.

Staying starts a revolution. Are you in?

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“Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness.”
Galway Kinnell

You, at the core of your being, are so incredibly lovely. Have you forgotten? Well, this is your reminder.

Maybe it’s necessary to relearn your loveliness. Just reading these words, can you find it?

Beneath the habits and struggles, beyond the mind-imposed limitations, outside the noise of should’s and have to’s, you are lovely.
Take away everything that troubles you – the dramas, disappointments, inadequacies. Regrets of the past, worries about the future. These are figments of the imagination that seem so real.

Take these false ideas away, and you remain, the loveliness that you are. The magnificence of being aware. The awe of what appears right now – this loving breath, these beautiful sounds, the movement of your limbs like a ballet, the aliveness of every physical sensation.

All you need to do to remember your loveliness is to pay attention. The signs are everywhere because everything overflows with it, all of you, alive with presence in this very moment.

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Who You Are

Right now, feel into the possibility of being infinitely kind within yourself. You resist nothing. You don’t feed mental stories that make you unhappy, which means you no longer believe self-critical thoughts or judgments of others. You welcome your feelings and befriend them rather than turning away.

Not only are you open to what is present, you are openness itself. Everything coming and going within you – thoughts, habits, needs, perceptions of yourself as a separate being – and here you are – alive, receptive, completely at peace with it all.

Happiness? Contentment? Fulfillment? So obvious when you know you are this openness that excludes nothing. Already overflowing, you realize that not one extra thing is needed.

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Turning Toward Your Experience

Humans are infinitely creative in the ways they have devised to avoid being with our experience as it is. We think, plan, reminisce, analyze, explain, become lost in our imagination, tell ourselves stories. We get busy, drink alcohol or coffee, sleep, pick up the phone, pick a fight.

We will do anything but simply be with what is. Except if you really want to know the truth.

If what you want is to know your self, knock the walls down, pull out all the stops, and be curious to get to know yourself all the way through.

Start with what’s here right now – the sounds you hear, the sensations of your back against a chair. Then shine the searchlight of your attention into the inner nooks and crannies.

What hidden feeling or contraction is lying there just waiting for your loving embrace?
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