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Valentine Snowman
This is a cute Valentine project for your bulletin board, art journal or to go home for Mom and Dad. You can also add text if you want. MATERIALS REQUIRED: - wc paper or heavy painting paper for background - blue disk tempera - rubbing alcohol spray or piec...

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Penguin Weaving
I have 2 penguin weaving projects for you. This easy paper weaving. and this yarn woven penguin using a loom. Paper Woven Penguin: MATERIALS REQUIRED - 1 piece of white cardstock (8.5x11), 1 piece of blue cardstock, I piece of black cardstock, and 1 sheet o...

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Penguin March
This week the Calgary Zoo announced they would start up their very popular Penguin walk, where the King penguins get to go out for a walk around the zoo. That was the inspiration for this project. I did 2 versions. A large 12"x18" (bulletin board size) and ...

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Clay Landscapes
Prior to Christmas I did these clay landscape plaques with Grade 5. They had to choose one of the six geographical regions of Canada. I was quite impressed with their work. MATERIALS REQUIRED: - clay - fabric placemat - nail, wooden skewer, small cup of wat...

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Modern Clay Nativity
This year Grade 6 did a modern clay nativity.  I'm still firing them but my sample is done so I can show you. The original inspiration was a picture on Pinterest that was unglazed and with no instructions so this my adapted version for school. It comes in 3...

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Mini Santa
It's that time of year again......I am knee deep in preparations for Christmas Craft Day.  420 kids doing 12 crafts on one spectacular day. I have some new crafts this year that I will be posting on the blog. First up this mini Santa.  He is only 15 cm or 6...

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Squirrel Portrait and a new Sharpie Book
Today is my day on the Sharpie Blog Roll in support of a new book by Kathy Barbro ,  "Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids". I'm especially thrilled because I was one of the project contributors.  Kathy has put together an awesome book and it was amazing to be par...

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Poppy Patterns
This year's Remembrance Day art project is the result of 2 main inspirations,  Project Runway's red palette challenge this week and last week's" Make it Artsy " segment on Rebekah Meier's circle mandalas. If you haven't checked out " Make it Artsy" it is we...

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Folk Art Witch
This is a Halloween version of my Folk Art Angel. MATERIALS REQUIRED: - heavy paper for background, I used watercolour paper - masking tape - disk tempera paint - white acrylic or liquid tempera paint - paper for painting, I used an old book page - raffia f...

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Fall Weaving with Grade 1
Last week I taught Grade 1 weaving at Altadore School. We started with a simple paper weaving to get them accustomed to the process. We then did a weaving on a branch loom.  The students selected their favorite season and had to come up with colours for tha...
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