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Gail Ann Williams

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The spectacular two week Bruce Sterling "state of the world" conversation is in the final week.. it's practically wearing me out with ideas I want to delve into. I read the latest each morning and ruminate for hours on surveillance culture, the future of literature (let alone science fiction) , cyber punks in government...   
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Gail Ann Williams

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Thursday we're pouring "My Funky Valentine," my sour collaboration beer I did with Bison Brewing for SFBeer Week one last time...  at Bobby G's Pizza on University Ave in Berkeley. Steve and I will be there at 6:00 along with the Bison Brewing gang.   It's not far from Berkeley BART. Come on by.  (And one more happy link to the nice notes for this beer by Jason Henry in the SF Weekly) This has been a great experience.
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Hi how are you ?
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Hi Doug. I'm looking for someone to chat
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Moved my "who am i" website that I had hand-coded years ago over to a Wordpress host to brush up on my site-making experience, and of course I then spent several hours trying to customize it to strip it of all the Wordpress attributes.  Still in progress, but I think the URL can safely go on a business card now. Feedback please!      #ironic   #consulting  
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email sent. i'd like to talk.
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Gail Ann Williams

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I'm so proud of my pro-am collaboration organic sour beer created with Bison Brewing!   Tonight is the first night to try "My Funky Valentine" -- a limited batch beer I modified with my crack team of Brettanomyces cultures...  here's more deets:

please tell your beer-geeky friends to give it a try!
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will have time to play with google plus later --not just yet
Doing things with direct simple passion:
mountain & wilderness travel
urban exploration & online adventure
trying to get people to a state of win-win

Doing things inside out: political satire

Doing things backwards: first becoming a certified beer judge, then homebrewing sour ales, then learning to make sourdough bread from flour, water, salt ... and the wild spirits of the air.

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