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Gaia Starr
Arcturian, Cosmic Administrator, StargateMaster, StarElder, GirdMaster, StarMaker, Galactic Command, and EarthGuardian.
Arcturian, Cosmic Administrator, StargateMaster, StarElder, GirdMaster, StarMaker, Galactic Command, and EarthGuardian.


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Daniel Scranton
Published on Dec 11, 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have the ability to bring yourselves into a higher frequency state much more often than you actually do. The things that you can do to naturally bring yourself into a higher frequency state are not a mystery to you. You know what they are, but instead you often will stay in a lower frequency state in order to fix something or to think it through.

Thoughts and actions are the ways that you have chosen to get yourselves out of a lower frequency state of being more often than not. The steps that you can take to raise your vibration hardly even qualify as steps. You can breathe. You can focus, and you can meditate. You can do all of these things without moving very much at all, and they are the most effective, the most tried and true practices that you have available to you.

Focus on how you feel, rather than trying to think your way out of the feeling. Breathe your way through the experience you are having of the lower frequency state, and meditate to bring yourself to a calm equilibrium. From there it is quite easy to go from that calm, neutral, balanced state to a higher frequency state.

You often need to remind yourselves of the importance of taking those very small steps because the rest of the world is trying very hard to think and act and speak their way into a better feeling state, or at least out of the problematic situations that they have created. You all who are awakened can lead by the power of your example, and you can do so much good for so many by taking those small steps to raising your own vibration.

The rest of the collective will come along, but you are the leaders. You are the ones who know that what we are saying is true. So we are here to remind you of that, to remind you of how easy it is to feel better and to be powerful leaders in your community.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Divine blessings and gifts of light extend from the essence of my being to you. I am Mother Earth; I am the pure consciousness and source of the Earth. I come forth to communicate with you as we have a contract together of co-creation. In order for us to exist within this dimension known as the Earth, there is a need for our energies to be as one, listening and communicating with each other, as well as holding a similar focus for creation. When we have embedded into our entire being the same focus of creation, our frequencies unite, we empower each other, awaken truth and become a potent force of creation. Thus healing, remembrance and all that humanity and I, Mother Earth, desire can come to fruition. Our united focus and frequency is the key to aiding ascension for all beings, fulfilment and remembrance of the Creator.

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Here's a photo of a road trip across Antarctica. We thought it might be fun to drive up that volcano, but it turns out that a) It's an active volcano and b) we were not allowed. #antarcticanz #antarctica

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Universal Basic Income: renaissance for a 500-year-old idea.

"The interest in UBI comes from the failure of the current system and the recognition that it is outdated."


[ Renaissance Ideal ]

Interest in universal basic income — the idea that all adults should receive small, no-strings-attached stipends from public funds — has waxed and waned for centuries. Now, 500 years after the philosopher Sir Thomas More suggested it in Utopia, the radical proposal is enjoying a renaissance that may bring it closer to realisation.

[ Political Consensus ]

Why now? UBI has long shown a remarkable ability to draw support from otherwise different groups. It has advocates both on the left, who see it as a just alternative to welfare schemes, and the right, who value it for its efficiency and promotion of individual liberty. Due to a confluence of distinct social and political changes, support suddenly seems to be aligned from all sides.


[ Nation State Failures ]

The rise in inequality in rich countries since the 1980s, coupled with the economic damage of the global financial crisis, has strengthened a sense that the traditional welfare state is no longer fit for purpose. Meanwhile, the life-long industrial job has become a thing of the past, and precarious employment and the “gig economy” are on the rise.

[ Industrial Bureaucracy ]

“The interest in UBI comes from the failure of the current system and the recognition that it is outdated,” says Heikki Hiilamo, a Finnish professor of social policy. “Most of our social programmes derive from industrial society, designed to protect the average production worker, but now most people work in service sectors. The dominant discourse has been welfare to work with sanctions and bureaucracy that are not very helpful. Many people are long-term unemployed and excluded from labour markets, struggling with administered benefits.”

[ Automation and Distribution ]

In the US, labour leaders and tech billionaires are finding common cause in promoting UBI as an answer to the threat of automation, which they expect to further strain worker security and the employability of those without the right skills. On top of it all, strained public budgets have meant that governments are eager to find new forms of benefits that would incentivise people to work.


[ Global Interest and Support ]

All these developments have brought UBI in from the intellectual periphery to the heart of public policy debate. The most august guardians of economic policy responsibility, such as the OECD and the IMF, have this year undertaken serious modelling of a hypothetical introduction of UBI in certain countries, even as they have scrupulously stopped short of recommending, or rejecting, the idea.

National governments, too, are taking a deep interest. The Indian government is debating it. Trials are under way under the aegis of governments (often local governments), non-governmental organisations or philanthropic donors, in Canada, California and the Netherlands, as well as in poorer countries such as Uganda and Brazil.

[ Randomised Field Trials ]

Most attention has focused on Finland, whose centre-right government is running a large trial of UBI for unemployed people. In January, the first monthly payments of €560 started going to 2,000 people, randomly selected from those receiving unemployment benefits in November last year. This basic income is tax-free and will not be reduced should the recipient find work in the two years the experiment will last.

According to Mr Hiilamo, it “is the first nationwide randomised field experiment based around this idea”. If successful, it may be rolled out at full-scale. Mr Hiilamo says both the government and the electorate are pragmatic and could endorse welfare reforms in the direction of UBI if it an evaluation showed that recipients were more likely to enter work, for example.


[ Punishing Poverty Traps ]

The main argument against UBI is its cost, and the fear that it provides poor value for money. Universality is essential to the proposal: advocates worry that means-testing creates punitive effective tax rates at the income levels where benefits are normally withdrawn. If additional labour income is not just taxed but reduces benefits, the final take-home pay may not increase for someone who finds more or better-paid work, thus creating low-income traps.

[ Economic Transition ]

Without means-testing, however, the budgetary cost of UBI is necessarily huge if the benefit is to be set at a meaningful level. If Finland were to pay the experimental UBI unconditionally to every person in the same age group, for example, it would amount to 7-8 per cent of national income.

[ Tax Reformation ]

A nationwide UBI would be an enormous undertaking but costing studies show that it is feasible. Hidden costs in existing systems, which involve large tax exemptions a long way up the income distribution, could be eliminated in a shift to UBI. Steep tax rises would typically be required of the higher-paid, however, as would cuts or the elimination of some existing benefits.

[ Basic Labor Power ]

The OECD calculates that a substantial minority of lower-paid people could be made worse off by the introduction of an affordable UBI in several European countries. What no one knows for sure is how the labour market and the types of jobs on offer would change with such a radical overhaul. Advocates think UBI would give workers more bargaining power, forcing employers to create better and higher-paid jobs. This in turn could create a virtuous cycle of greater work participation and efforts to improve skills. Sceptics doubt the realism of this.


The studies under way should provide solid answers to these questions for the first time since More’s proposal. If they are promising, UBI may be an idea whose time has come.

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The course at the Turkish university will be called “Ufology & Exopolitics,” and the purpose of the class is to prepare students for the possibility of extraterrestrial contact.

A class tutor, Erhan Kolbasi, told the Dogan News Agency, “We believe representatives from the world and extraterrestrial civilizations will soon be making official contact with each other. We thinking they will be in an open and mass contact. . . . It will be the biggest change seen in the history of the world.”

The course will concentrate on the history of the UFO/extraterrestrial contact, and well as the implications of extraterrestrial contact and more. According to the Dogan, Kolbasi expects open extraterrestrial contact to happen within 15 years, and claims that extraterrestrials have been and are visiting our planet.

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Eliminating Poverty with a Basic Minimum Income.

"Some want to use it eliminate welfare and cut bureaucracy. Others want as a free extra for existing programs, or even want it so high that work itself becomes optional."

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