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Dear Google: the yellow band telling me "This message was not sent to Spam because of a filter you created." is stupid. Obviously I created the filter for a reason. Make it go away.

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For quick edits from my web browser, I really can't beat it.  I'm so glad this app exists!

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My 12 of 12 pics for October 2014. 

I'm over the Breastober Breast Cancer crap from all sides of the coin already. I had breast cancer in 2001. I spent October that year recovering from a mammogram and preparing for chemo. It was also my 40th birthday that month and our 1st Wedding anniversary. 

If I decide to wear a pink top, it's because I like the top.  I hate that the colour pink has taken on the symbol of breast cancer. Do we have brown for bowel cancer? Of course not.  

Supporting charities is good, but give the money to organisations that send all the money to either research or helping make women's lives better.Don't give money to organisations who give huge administrative pay to their CEOs.  And don't forget that men get BC too. Remind your husband of that fact and ask if he's ever checked for lumps. 

But mostly, get off my lawn. I'll wear what I want to wear, regardless of its current significance.

Yeah so I get a bit stroppy over the whole breast cancer awareness thing...  do we really need a whole month and Mother's Day for it? Really?  

Climbing off my soapbox now. Sorry, just had to rant a bit. 

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Best calendar / reminder app I've used. I deleted others I'd used as this one is easy to use and even works great with Evernote (and by extension, Remember the Milk since if it lands in Evernote's reminders, RTM then picks it up). 

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Ohh.  I won't be trying it for a long while, but gee this sounds yummmmy. (Extra Mmms for the mmmm factor).
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