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Is there any box that i can connect to a tv that has a full fledged browser that enables you to view all the sites like in a desktop computer?
(I dont care about apps I only want a full featured working browser connected to my tv- I currently have a desktop connected to it)
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Somebody was just selling one with 275?
+Bobby Coggins re: APC
I remember reading about that a while back.  Have you tried one out or know someone that has?  I'm intrigued with the idea of using one as the base of a DIY dvr.
No, I haven't. I've been meaning to get one, but have never gotten around to it.
Google TV does have a fully functional browser, but some sites block based on user agent (which can be changed) of other parameters you can't control. I love Google TV, I just want you to be fully informed.
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